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Knitcircus Giveaway #2–Gifts

The special gift edition of Knitcircus was released last week.  It’s a bit smaller version, but the patterns are big time. If you are knitting holiday gifts, you need this issue.

I was so excited to see that Jenny Snedeker designed a holiday vest for a boy!  Girls get most of the kids patterns and she also designed an adorable girl’s dress.  But as the DGM of two boys, I am championing the plaid vest.

Kendra Nitta has some lovely Frilly Cuffs that I think I need in a white fingering weight linen hiding in my stash.  They are really drapey and I love drape.

Dani Berg did a pattern called Serendipity Earwarmers that I can so see on Cristi or another woman named Dani, both of whom have fabulous hair.

Well, then there is Miss T’s wild party shawl and from Ada Lai (oh, most fabulous and gifted tech editor extraordinaire) a great last minute bath set.  You should just knit up a bunch of these and keep on hand to wow people you like.  (“knit up” isn’t a technical term; we Southerners just like to throw in extra prepositions now and then.)

Well, now how do you get these patterns?  Some of you can get them right here for free.  Yeah, FREE.  My favorite word, especially when combined with “shipping.”

All you have to do is–you guessed it–go to the Knitcircus site and preview the magazine.  Read the articles because they are good.  Check out the ads because they make this magazine possible and they will lead you to great yarn.  Salivate over the patterns (Linger a bit over my sock pattern; I need the karma.)  Then leave me a comment about the magazine.

You can tell me what you like about it or what you would like to see in it or what you want to knit. You might want to tell me which of the lovely reviewed yarns you covet.  The words silk and cashmere pop up a bunch.  I like the Classic Elite wool with the nettles.  I caressed it last week at their shop, but opted for Chesapeake, the cotton/merino one.

Anyway, I’ll leave this open for 7 days from today.  Then I’ll visit the random number generator.  How many will I give away?  Enough that you have a very good chance—-

More later–


27 Responses

  1. Dear Jane:
    Well, I thought this magazine was terrific! I LOVE those green sox of yours. They seem light and wearable and the pattern looks like it would be fun to do. I also liked that very colorful shawl; I have some handpainted yarn that someone gave me as a gift; perhaps not enough of it, but maybe…

    It seems like the yarns in the ads are unique and that is the very sort of thing I like, and don’t get to see much of in other places…. Thanks so much for turning me on to this resource! –debbie crane

  2. Hi Jane,

    Love the Knitcircus Holiday edition. My fave patterns were:

    PKOK socks. (yeah, I’m sucking up – and I need some thick socks)

    Imperial Cabled hat

    And I want, want the Georgia Cashsilk Lace!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I especially like your sock pattern in the zine. I’d love to win anything.

  4. I loved the Spring Thaw Tee. I also order a subscription to Knitcircus! Where have I been? I have never seen a copy of Knitcircus and it seems like I will love it!!

  5. Hi Jane,

    Loved the two Fall 2010 and Holiday editions of Knitcircus. Both of your sock patterns were fantastic, PKOK and In the Clover.

    What great articles about Cat Bordhi and Sally Melville.
    The yarn reviews were very helpful, also.

  6. I really liked the Moroccan Lace socks and also found the yarn reviews interesting, would love to try the one with nettle, but doubt that’ll be available here in NZ.

  7. Jane,
    Love the issue. The gifts article was a heat moment. Your PKOK socks were lovely. Glad to see you are doing so well. I loved the Paid Holiday Vest. It could be because the little on wearing is was so darn cute. Also, found a new recipe. What a great combination. Knitting and cookies. Now all we need is the snow and hot chocolate and we are set until the thaw.

  8. I absolutely love the Josephine mitts!! I drool over sock patterns but am sock impaired and don’t have anyone who will knit me a pair :-(. The cashsilk lace would make a heavenly shawl!

  9. You should send them some of your patterns. I remember you saying, “If you will, I will.” Time to come through.

  10. You need worsted weight socks in your neck of the woods.

  11. It’s the least I could do after you let me copy your necklace. I think of you every time I wear it.

  12. I love the socks!

  13. The projects that most interest me are the Organic Bath Set, the PKOK Socks, the Moroccan Lace Socks and the One Scarf. Love the idea of a one ended scarf but would not have thought it up on my own in a million years. Will need to come back to this to read the articles, looks like a great issue.

  14. Well, I feel kinda silly because it never occurred to me that my recent weight GAIN might have contributed to the less-than-comfortable fit of my favorite shoes! (sheesh)

    (The) One Scarf hit me right away, since I have great intentions of kntting for the OFA program this year. And The Opposite Shore just started the wheelies turning in my brain!

    But you know what will NOT languish on my “wanna do” list? Chocolate Coconut Rugelach. Cream cheese, butter, chocolate… What’s not to love?

  15. Love the socks most of all! I like all the smaller projects, since that is what I knit mostly.

    Knitmomma (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. Thanks Jane, I really liked the lace cuffs too. I have plenty of projects right now, but would maybe do those some day. I liked your socks too, but I’m not a sock knitting person.
    Paula Sue.

  17. Having just knit my first pair of socks, I would try the sock patterns.

  18. Jane, thanks for sending this to me. The first thing I want to try is the Morocan lace socks but I found lots of other good stuff too.

  19. Ooh! After taking a quick look through the contents, I definitely appreciate the reviews of two books I’ve got my eye on: New England Knits and Sewing School. Both would be so handy in my growing craft library. Good job, Knitcircus!

  20. Knitcircus is a new find for me – I only found it with the fall issue. I love all the eye-candy advertisers, and love the First Holiday Dress – If I only had a little girl to knit for! Sweet surprise for me were the recipes in the back – who knew you could support both your habits out of one publication!
    Great socks, Jane!

  21. I might sound biased, but I love your sock pattern. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. I love the range of items the reviewed. Everyone has their own knit style, so not only did this find something to tempt everyone with (aw, SweetGeorgia yarn!), but it gave you great ideas for gifts for the other knitters in your life.

  23. I love the Serendipity Ear Bands. This seems like the perfect gift, even for non-fibery people. It looks like something that could be found at a “cool” store like H&M or the Gap, but with out the price tag and with a different level of quality. I secretly love when people think I bought them a gift that I actually hand knit. Thanks for the giveaway. I love Knitcircus!

  24. Jane – I went because I wanted to win free patterns, but I loved the magazine. I was proud the woman who taught me to knit was featured in a magazine! Also, I loved the knit flowers and the serendipity ear band. Maybe I should get to work on one for Chicago…..

  25. You got my number on the Serendipity headband. And there’s some socks in there that I already forgot the name of that were pretty too. And I swear I spotted your Curvaceous scarf’s cousin.

  26. Well, no sucking up here, wanted your sock pattern immediately, but then realized it was cuff down. Just wading into socks, am totally a toe up, two circs, but will probably get the pattern and see if I can use it, and love the recommendation for thicker socks, since the request from the sockwearer in Manhattan is for thick socks.
    BEST feature of Knitcircus for me is the Yarn review–living an hour away from any kind of yarn shop (over windy mountain roads) means lots of ordering on line. The colors show up so much better in the photos of Knitcircus than in the samples at online sites.
    finally, is someone trying to tempt me into learning beadwork, O Josephine?

  27. Dear Jane, cant’ wait to make the earbands for daughters and daughters in law. The sock pattern, socks intimidate me, I should just try some.

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