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Where, oh Where Have I Been?

Besides a local Octoberfest,

with Steve,

I’ve been working on my career.  Notice I didn’t capitalize it.  It isn’t that big.  But opportunities are presenting themselves and I am reaching out.  Who knew it would be so much work?

A pattern for the next Knitcircus issue is off to Queen Ada, the wonderful tech editor and the re-knit sample is off to St. Jaala, who has made so much possible for me.  I’ll tell you more when allowed.  I really hate secrecy.

I’ve been working on tweaking classes for some regional events.  One is a definite; one is an application to teach with the big guns.  I’m thrilled about the first and as for the second, it won’t be my first rejection in this life and they can’t say yes if I don’t apply.  Right?

Knitcircus has commissioned an article.  I taught writing for a lot of years.  This weekend two of my most outstanding students, both of whom are now in the publishing business, came to visit and we laughed about me attempting to follow my own “advice.”  We commiserated over how hard writing really is.  My article is concise now, really very short and to the point which is to begin to learn about altering to fit.  It took hours and hours and pages and pages to get there.  Now starts the editing and rewriting.  Of course, I’m loving it, but it’s still hard work.

Teaching, however is fun.  The shawl knitalong has been extended for another month because we wanted more time together—and because we all know we won’t ever get through all that garter stitch alone.

I’m thinking of adding another knitalong in November based on modular blankets.  We could learn about log cabin designs or other quilt patterns.  There is an old blog post about some stunning sock yarn blankets.  I’m envisioning starting at the center and growing until you are satisfied with the size.  Heck, you could do a bunch of things as pillow tops.

Anyone with a better idea?  I’m open.  I just like the atmosphere of a knitalong—the sharing, the meeting new people, the possibility of food.

My basic sock class is really small.  Just two people, but they have big personalities and curious minds.  This afternoon we are meeting at Selwyn Pub for our class.  This is an experiment.  I really hope it works.

Speaking of pubs, we went to Lebowski’s on East Blvd yesterday.  They serve Copper on draught and amazing fish and chips.  We discovered they have a pro-dog policy on the patio.  Jake will get to go next time.  Since losing Henry he always wants to go and I feel guilty leaving him alone too much.

I have finished a few things but I’ll save them for another day.  On the needles and progressing are still the Daybreak Gold shawl adaptation.  It’s past the center mark.  The cell phone is for a size reference.

The yoke sweater I’m playing with has half a back and I’m pleased with the shape.

Steve has been transferred back to the Charlotte office to work on a new power plant design  (starting Thursday), the yard has survived the drought, and fall has finally come to North Carolina.

Hope you are happy, too.

More later—-


3 Responses

  1. I loved the class I took with you on altering patterns to fit. I’ve made two sweaters for myself since then, and I’m so happy with each. I know your article will be wonderful!

  2. that sounds like good news all around.

  3. So glad to hear about Steve’s return to the Queen City and your kitchen.

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