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Be a Knitting Activist

This is Sarah, our live oak tree which masks the ugly, plain front of our house.  We treasure her, so I wanted to include her in the “loved ones” I knit for.  Some of the neighbors are mystified, but long ago gave up on making sense of us; others love it.  I wish I could say I am a very radical knitting activist who yarnbombs thoughtfully, but, alas, I’m just too lazy.

You and I can be a radical knitter without risking  jail time or having to work very hard.  A Rock Hill gallery is inviting us to help decorate Rock Hill with knitting legally.

Friend Victoria sent me this link.  It reminded her of me.  I kinda like that.

Gallery Up

While on that site, look at all the interesting things going on with this group.  Who knew?  I’m thinking a road trip to Rock Hill is on my calendar.  Maybe very soon.

If the Rock Hill project isn’t your style, think about this.

I received a letter from Caps for Good’s Communication Specialist (if you have a blog, you probably got one, too).  The site indicates some very well known partners, such as Bill and Melinda Gates, so I feel comfortable sharing this with you. When the Charlotte Knitting Guild did premie caps as a project, we recognized it was a win-win opportunity.  We could help someone who needed it, and we could challenge ourselves to try some new stitches or colors or yarns as we did so.  If you feel so inclined,  join this project.

These next pics are for Kate who has, once again, donated wonderful things to my yard.  (See sculpture in pic above)  I did plant the bearded irises in four clumps and the daylilies.  No straight lines—as if.  Jake is there because he is cute.

Also harvested basil and Steve made a walnut pesto.  Needs a bit of tweaking.

Can I grow basil in the house during the winter?  Think I will try.

More later–


3 Responses

  1. I love that you knit for your tree. I loved the tree that we used to have in our front yard, and would have knit for it, too. (It was hit by a pickup truck and had to be removed.)

    I can’t bring myself to yarn bomb otherwise; it’s too hard to get all the other knitting/fiber stuff done, let alone stuff that will be “discarded”!

  2. I caught up with your blog today after a long time, and I am so sorry and sad about Henry. A good dog.

    Tree cuffs, very creative use of stash, etc. but I will never do that – If I can’t wear it, I won’t be knitting it. Yup, shallow and proud of it. See you soon.

  3. Hey if you want more bearded irises let me know. I have waaaaaaay too many!

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