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Jane Goes Walkabout

I know I promised to update on some knit projects, but first — big news.  Steve’s job is taking us to Australia for a couple of months.  Sudden?  Oh, yeah!  He found out yesterday and he leaves probably Thurs of next week.  I follow ASAP.  Only downer–Jake can’t go; he has to stay with Meghan.  At least he will have Evan and the big dog, Thor.

I have seached for yarn shops and knit groups.  Isn’t that always the first step?  We will be in Brisbane, big city with beaches and lots of stuff to see.  I am stunned–just stunned.

Now the knitting—Ah, yes, a bathroom shot.  This is my Seven Circle in Silk Garden Sock by Noro.  Used a size 4 needle.  Easy, easy knit and really a cute way to keep the neck warm.  Or at least the chest.  I did make it a bit bigger than called for because I hate things against my throat.  I do recommend this if you have a bunch of gifts to knit.

The Seduce project that has been 5 or 6 things–

it is finally a vest.  I know this is a strange view, but at least it is in focus, unlike . . .

I still love this yarn.  Talk about strong.  First I knit a vest, then a cardigan, then began a yoke sweater and now this—all with the same yarn and it still looks great.  I love the closure I came up with.  I hate buttons.

Did a chemo hat for a friend of Erica’s.  I used Panda Silk doubled on a size 4 needle.  It felt great.  What is it about doubled yarn that I love so much?  I should experiment more because everything I have knit doubled so far has had a lovely hand.  Lace weight doubled is really drapey.

Anyway, I did put an easily detachable pumpkin greenery on top and Erica called to tell me Roger wore it to chemo with an orange shirt and cracked up the entire place with his Great Pumpkin interpretation.  Glad to bring some joy in his life.

New pattern sent to Knitcircus and some other secret knitting that I can’t show.

I have finally finished the first part of the Daybreak Shawl Adaptation and can begin the ruffle and trim.  The size is perfect and I can write the pattern shape based on the second side.  See, I knit the first side, went to school on what I didn’t like, rewrote for the second side and liked it.  Once it is on my body, no one will know they are not alike.  Sometimes it pays to lower your standards.

What do you take for a 15 hour plan ride?

More later–


11 Responses

  1. Jane,

    Do we postpone our last sock class????

  2. Jane – what an exciting experience getting to move to Australia!!! That will be so much fun. (But will you still be here for our last knit-a-long on the 25th?)

  3. I’m working on that as I write. We have options. I will not leave you toeless.

  4. How exciting!!!! You will be down under during the warm months of the year. Enjoy the beaches. What a wonderful opportunity for you two.

    On the knitting front, I like the detail that you used on the front of the vest. You are so creative.

    When you are in Australia, you will have to check out the possum yarn. (Not American type of possum, but an animal that has a soft furry underbelly) It is incredibily soft. Best, BJ

  5. P.S. If you need me to help with the shawl knit-a-long, let me know. BJ

  6. that is fantastic news! I am so happy for both of you!

  7. WHAT? Australia! That is so awesome! I am so excited for you! You MUST blog all the time there!

  8. Jane, this is so exciting. I am so envious! I think you will love it and the people – upbeat, can-do attitude, lots of fun. You just had better come back! P.S. More like a 25 hour plane ride – 15 hours maybe from Honolulu. When I went, they had those personal screens behind each seat. Worked for hours on my Tetris skills, and the kids behind me watched Kangaroo Jack over and over the whole way. Earplugs a necessity, maybe also drugs. See you soon.

  9. lucky you.. enjoy ‘Down Under” … I down loaded The #1 Woman’s Detective series from HBO to my ipod and have enjoyed watching it while knitting on long flights. There are 7 shows so it goes for quite a long while… I just hosted Candice for a week as she taught at our guild… We had a wonderful time and I shared your site with her. Next, off to points East… Texas ( a Dude Ranch mini-college reunion ). Washington ( geneaology ) and NYC as my daughter is running the NY Marathon on 7 November! …have a shrimp on the Barbie for me! also, get some possum yarn… it is beautiful ! Linda

  10. You take an eReader that allows pdf downloads from your PC and international connections. Then you load it up with patterns you might be intertested in knitting and a couple of books of course 🙂

  11. Wow, Australia! That’s a huge change. Enjoy every minute of the adventure; it will be over too soon.

    That is a great picture of Jake!

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