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A Day of Culture

This is a view of the city from South Bank. I walked all the way over here just to take this picture for you. My doctor would be so proud.

Yesterday was our Cultural Exploration. We walked across the river to South Bank where the museums are. We visited the State Library, a research library, and met an ex-pat American who works there and invited us to come use the facilities. He was fun to talk to—-and I could understand him. I plan to check out the Aborigine use of fiber.
We checked out a special Graphic Media awards exhibit at the Gallery of Modern Art. Most of their collection has been replaced by the Valentino exhibition which ends in Nov. Huge numbers of women queued up to see the exhibit Sunday. It was interesting to see what they wore. Many in Sunday best; many in easy casual. The style loser was the 40 year old in a draping halter dress with no back made of almost transparent fabric. Thong. I had to hit Steve.

The exhibit is on my calendar for a special tour with the curator after hours. This is an event for the over 50 set on Nov. 4th. Then I’ll take Steve on his special tour. I’ll let you know what I wear.
We checked out some sculpture at the Queensland Gallery, the state art museum. They have a bunch of pieces in water or on platforms on a mall covered in water—couldn’t take pics. It was nice to just taste a bit of the art and know you could come back later. It was free. Finally a deal in Australia.
Walking along the river we saw some cool stuff. I almost stepped on a lizard and then we spotted these guys.
The big one is about 18 inches. He seemed happy to have his picture made.
The foliage is very tropical in this South Bank park. I don’t know what these plants are, but they look like some houseplants I’ve seen. Steve is posing so you can get an idea of scale. The houseplants have 3 inch leaves; these are huge.
Plants weren’t all we found. This is a pagoda from Nepal.It was just there, along the walk, don’t know why.

Thanks so much for the responses to the last blog. Great advice from all of you. Meghan emailed and lectured me about getting off the computer and into the world. She is a great kid.
Thanks to Jean Russell for identifying my bird as an Australian White Ibis. Jean knows everything.

Special note to my shawl knitalong group.

Do NOT figure out how many stitches you have on the needle as you increase the ruffle. It will not be a pleasant thing to know. I took 20 minutes this morning to knit one row. And I’m not halfway along. I did the math to determine the number of stitches I would be binding off because I am going to add some beads to the bind off and needed to know how many to buy. Oh I wish I hadn’t! Just remind yourselves of how much use you will get from this shawl and you will be able to finish.

Knitcircus Winter edition is coming out November 10th. Watch for it. I’m not in this one, but that’s no reason to not buy. I’m planning to. See button in sidebar.

Also check out Jan Smiley’s info about the Carolina Fiber Frolic in Feb. What a great time to be in Charleston. http://www.carolinafiberfrolic.wordpress.com

Looks like rain so I am going to take my freshly manicured hands down the block to the used book store.

More later–


7 Responses

  1. Great fun reading about Oz.

  2. this is great—visiting australia through your eyes—-i’m acutally reading your whole blog! (can you believe) can’t wait for the next one

  3. Jane – I love reading your blog about your trip. I hope the email situation gets better – at least you know you can visit the fast-food place to get internet if you need it. 🙂 What a beautiful Pagoda that you ran across – and the Kangaroos from the last post were interesting too. Keep us posted on how you’re doing! I’m sure you’ll adjust to the new culture soon. Come December 22nd you will be so settled, you won’t want to come home! (but we’ll all be glad you do!!) 🙂

  4. Jane – so great to see you safely in Australia. It sounds like a wonderful, wonderful time! I’ve made it safely to Chicago, and its cold. Iam very jealous of you enjoying summer time down under! Have safe travels and a wonderful time exploring all Australia has to offer, and look out for all of those dangerous creepy crawlies.

  5. So glad you’re getting out and exploring! Can’t wait to hear about your first trip to the yarn shop. =)

  6. I love the kangaroo sculptures and the sheep art you found. Regarding the internet crap…who knew there were more profit hungry folks than your average American businessman? Maybe that’s a feather in our cap. Or maybe its a way they pay for antidotes to all those dangerous critters you read about.

    Hope to find out on Tuesday a definite work plan so that I can think about other possible plans.

  7. oxox

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