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First Some Knitting

This is the Wraparound Shawl I am knitting.  Koigu and Ms. Babs.  Almost finished.

These are the two Australian Knitting magazines.

Yarn can be purchased at Barnes and Noble in Charlotte.  Haven’t seen Australian Creative Knitting in the states.  Love this hat.

Only two here.  Even in the book stores and library, knitting is barely covered.  Lots of quilting and cross stitch.  Lots of sewing.  I may be looking in the wrong places, but I will know more soon.

Today I’m having lunch with Liz who found me on ravelry.  She’s coming into the city today and we will meet.  I’m really excited to talk to her.  She knits on Thursday nights at Tangled Yarn.

I also, thanks to Debbie Davis at Yarns to Dye For, have been invited to a knitgroup at Threads and More later this month. Debbie is in touch with Rian Anderson who wrote a book on oddball knitting which Debbie is using for a class on jackets.  You might want to check that out.  Rian sounds great; they call her the white witch of knitting and the group is called the Knit Coven.  I’ll report what I learn.

Some other making–yes, I recognize my joy in this is weird.

At Lincraft, a sort of Michaels with fabric, I picked up a free booklet that had the directions for some ways to wrap things with cloth instead of paper.  One of the items was for carrying picnic items.  It looked cute and I tried it with some fabric I bought.  Here’s how it’s done.

You start with a square of fabric.  First you tie two adjacent ends in a granny knot.

Detail which also shows off my Aussie nails

Then you tie the other two adjacent ends in a granny knot.

Place what you want to carry in the center.  I’m using the only colorful decor in the apartment.

Interloop one knot through the hole made by the other.

Place the bottom strap over your head or shoulder. 

Head for the park. 

If I had had one of these with me yesterday, I would have purchased fruit at this market.

Most of the food seemed to be from commercial places, but there were a few local growers.  Now that Steve has cooked, I’ll shop here next Weds.

The market was just outside the Brisbane branch of the local library.  I was surprised at how small the collection was here, but the folks were cheerful and helpful—typically Australian.  I did some research on Australian writers which I can take with me next time I visit the used book store.

Shopped at Myer, sort of a Dillards here.  I bought a small backpack, so now I’m ready to shop for real.  I had hoped to buy some kind of outfit to wear while here.  I hope Liz and Rian can point me in the right direction.  Most of the shops seem to cater to size two twenty year olds.  Very sexy, barish fashions.  Not exactly me.

The big thing here is Fascinators. 

Tuesday was the Melbourne Cup race and every woman in town was ready to go to the track.  They were dressed for Ascot—either big, wonderful hats or Fascinators.  Lincraft has a guy who would make your Fascinator while you waited.  It was just like an Easter Parade and I didn’t have my camera.

We like what we are eating.   This is Steve’s favorite kebob.

Still haven’t found a beer I like.  But, never fear, I am continuing my tasting program.

But check out this bread.


Tons of seeds.  I will miss having bakeries within walking distance.

Speaking of walking distance.  I am redefining the term.  Yesterday I took off to ride the Loop, the free city bus in our area.  It took longer to walk to that bus stop and wait for the bus than it would have to walk to where I was going.  I hope I can bring this behavior back home.

Oh, eggs have very orange yolks.  And they taste different.  Just thought you should know.

More later–


6 Responses

  1. Looks like you are absorbing the local culture. That bread looks wonderful. Love your blog. Might have to learn to knit when you get home

  2. How large of a square do you need for the picnic carrier? That would be good for taking to the Athens Farmers Market.

  3. Neat bag! I may have to try that out. Wonder if you can do that with a fat quarter and make a little project bag out of it.

  4. Welcome to Australia and Brisbane.

    I followed your link off of the Tangled Yarns Forum on Rav.

    Sorry that you did not find many knitting books – there are not alot at the library here and often have to put them on hold and wait for them.

    Looks like you are enjoying yourself and finding some great local attractions.

    We have not long been in Brisbane (a year!) and I bough myself a book called Hide and Seek Brisbane – we are enjoying working our way through it.

    Regards Kylie

  5. Make sure Dad figures out how to make the kebobs for when he comes back. They look yummy. I want a bag too so please send the instructions. I’ll carry Jake around in it.

  6. You go girl!

    Looks like you are having a blast! That bread looks yummy.

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