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Cough. Hack. Walk.

I have a cold.   Or else I am seriously allergic to some Australian pollen.  My throat hurts and I can’t talk.  Steve is smiling about that.  I feel like yuk! but I still went out and about today.

Steve went to the big Food Show at the Convention Center.  He had a blast checking out the chefs and the wine vendors.  Had to taste it all.  He brought home some macadamia nuts and a jar of cocktail onions pickled in Balsamic Vinegar.  Yummmmmm-y.  We had them for lunch with some cheese and bread from the bakery.

I wasn’t too sick to go get some Uncle Toby’s Cereal, milk, fruit, bread and beer.  Carrying it all home almost did me in.  Speaking of that, let me tell you about my lunch with Liz.

Aussies are a hearty lot and Liz is no exception.  She chose a lovely tearoom for lunch and I followed her lead in ordering waffles.  These were special waffles.  Evil waffles.  One waffle the size of an Eggo, one scoop of rich vanilla ice cream, and a bucket of unbelievable butterscotch sauce.  Cleaned my plate I did.

Liz answered lots of questions, especially about shopping.  She advised me to buy clothes in the US.  Better fabrics and lots cheaper.  We have planned to go to Tangled Yarns for a knit night in a few weeks.  It may prove dangerous, because we had no more finished those lovely waffles than Liz insisted on taking me to the grocery store to buy Tim Tams.  When she visits friends in the states, she takes a suitcase of these cookies because they are so good.

Of course, in the spirit of adventurous eating, I bought two packs.  Caramel with milk chocolate coating and Dark chocolate everywhere.  Returning home, I ate several—–of each kind.  Then it hit.  The pancreas went into overdrive and shut down and the sugar low smacked me right in the face.  When Steve came home, he found a pitiful drudge curled up on the couch.  Did I mention that I had skipped breakfast because I was going out to lunch?  Therefore, everything I had eaten was entirely sugar.  I couldn’t even knit.

I finally hauled myself up and we headed out to South Bank to the Lifestyle Market to poke around.  We walked at least 900 miles before we came home, so I’m calling the calories even.  I took some pics for you.

We explored a new section of the park on the other side of the Brisbane River from us.  From the riverwalk we saw eager kayaking students.  Last weekend we had seen kids learning to row crew on the river.  Aussies love water.

On the street we saw a building under construction.  These beams show a very significant concept in Brisbane architecture—organic lines.  These are present event at the start.  I will have an architecture entry later.

Then we saw these.  Didn’t know what they were, but we followed people between them.  Shortly they looked like this.

I suspect as spring and summer progress this vine will totally fill in the spaces and provide a much desired shady walk.  Lots of skin cancer here and much health ed about it on TV.

Brisbane is the only city with it’s own inner city beach which is open to the public.  The public is waiting until it is just a bit warmer.

The beach has life guards and two different depth areas.  ( 1 m. and 1.8 m)

Even the City Ibis like this beach area.

We walked past the Maritime Museum where they have a reproduction of an old wooden sailing boat (late 16th century) and occasionally they sail it off to some other country like India.  Scarey.

Some things are the same no matter what country you are in.

Finally we walked back to our side of the river using the Goodwill Bridge.  Only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed on this bridge which is very wide and has great views.

This is the old section of Parliament House.  Actually it’s a side section in the back, but I liked it.


Knitcircus will release the Winter Issue on November 10th.  Look for a giveaway in a few days.


Finished a shawl.  Pictures soon.


More later—


3 Responses

  1. fantastic—however it sounds like you’re trying to do everything in 1 week—of i would do the same—stopped by the shop thurs—a little late to see linda but harriot and patsy was there–shared with them your blog and suggested that they joined it—sandy and remy went up to some yarn distributor in concord i forget the name other than that everything here as normal finally got some cool air and RAIN—keep up the good work on the journal and tour of australia–and take care of your self you have another 6-7 weeks

  2. What a great adventure you’re having! Thank you for sharing it with us. It looks wonderful. Keep having fun, and feel better!

  3. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. That too shall pass. I imagine this isn’t a great time to mention this, but have you tried the chocolate covered licorice bar? One of my favorites. As Eithne would say ( maybe in Australia it’s a similar phrase) “Keep your pecker up”. Do I need to translate? also, do you still have your gallbladder? If so, optimal time to put it to the test?? Thinking of you – feel better and have more adventures!

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