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Animal day

Sunday we went to Lone Pine Sanctuary, a somewhat touristy animal preserve.  The animals were worth the trip.

Some of the animals were in fenced off areas, like the wombat,

the crocodiles,

the kookaburra,

and this sweet little Dingo.

Maybe this has something to do with it.  Don’t you love the missing corners?

The koalas are also separated from the public but only the ones with babies are behind fencing.

Others are easy to view.  This one seems to be mother with toddler.

This couple looked sweet as “he” licked and groomed “her.”

When he stopped, I realized “she” was asleep.  Hmmmmmmmmm.

In the all male house, modesty didn’t seem to be an issue.

For the knitters out there, I took this.  I know it is just a backside, but it is a possum’s backside.  The animal that produces the soft as butter yarn that I can’t buy here.  Oh, well.

The emus were in a petting pen.  They were pretty disdainful about the people walking around.

No one seemed to want to pet them.   I wonder why.

The Kangaroos were a big hit.  They reminded me of my dogs.  They like to be hand fed.

They like to sleep in the sun.

They hang out and just look cute.

And they do this.

Just like Waldo used to do.  What is it with guys?

I enjoyed this sign.  Reminded me of the Mash series on TV.

While waiting for the bus back to the city, we spotted this guy.  I’m sure he must be the world’s most poisonous beetle so I took this with the zoom—-and then stood somewhere else.

Oh, for those of you who enjoyed the photo of the Tim Tams, here’s a humble, unprepossessing little store brand cookie.

Next post will be a shawl update.  Promise.

More later–


3 Responses

  1. Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo is in Queensland also

  2. love your tours–it makes me feel like i’m there with you guys—keep them coming

  3. This was terrific! What fun! Possums make soft yarn? I’m assuming that’s not true of the possums around here or somebody could be making a fortune out of collecting roadkill.

    Went to the Charlotte Yarns and there were soooo many FO’s to tempt me! I will definitely want to be there to celebrate your return!

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