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Daybreak Adapted Finished

Yeah!  I finished the knitalong shawl and I really like it.

Getting through the garter stitch was easy since I had a group to report to every two weeks.  Thanks for the encouragement.  The ruffle started just fine, but I bogged down near the middle of it.  I had planned to use beads instead of the picot bind off, so I needed to figure how many beads I would need if I placed them about every three stitches.  That meant I had to count the stitches.

The horror!  You don’t want to know how many stitches are in the ruffle.  I plugged along and finally, about row 25, I decided that since my shawl was much shorter than the original design, I should also use a shorter ruffle.  You know, balance and proportion.  Yeah, that’s it.

When you have to bind off 4 gazillion stitches, a crochet bind off is the only way not to lose your mind.  Adding beads along the way is better done by prestringing and just chaining them in at the edge.  Even including the prestringing of 2 grams of seed beads (size 8/0) this is the quicker way to finish before you grow old and die.

Tackling the top, as tired of the whole thing as I was, I just ignored the instructions, picked up stitches, knit 4 rows of garter and did a crochet picot bind off.  I am satisfied with it.

I know I will get a lot of wear from this shawl.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the yarn.  Both balls of my yarn had lots of slubs and twist errors.  When knitting with the first one, I just thought I had gotten the last ball of the batch and perservered.  No one else was having this trouble, not even the people knitting with the same color.  I don’t think this can be a frequent problem with Zephyr; the whole WWW raves about it.  When I began the second ball—same errors.  Again I plowed on.  Still don’t understand it.   Have any of you experienced this?  Maybe my yarn is just cursed.  Clearly I must buy more just to check this out.

I plan to write up the pattern—sometime.  I will use the shaping from the second side as it is smoother.  You can still see the bump in the first shaping when the shawl is hanging, but it isn’t noticeable when I am wearing it.  I’m particularly pleased with the blocking considering my lack of tools.  Knitters improvise.

More later–


3 Responses

  1. I love the finished shawl!! (and I am secretly jealous that you are done…I’m still working on my ruffle and worried I’m going to run out of yarn…) The beads look wonderful too!! 🙂

  2. Jane! You finally finished! I’m green with envy! As you know, I’m following the instructions word for word because that is what I do…. and I just got to the part where you hold it steady in the middle for about 10-20 rows, then begin decreasing. The whole moving thing really got in the way of my knitting, but I continue to work on it a few rows at a time. I’m so happy you finished, and it looks so beautiful! Hope all is well!

  3. Looks good but probably not for me, keep up the good work !!

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