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On the Road in Queensland

Steve Prater is a Knight in Preppy armor.  He is the best man ever born.  Yesterday we rented a car and drove north to see the country.  Somehow my iPad fell out of my backback and onto the floor of the car behind the driver’s seat.  We got home and I discovered it was gone.  Those of you who know me well know how desolate I would feel losing my iPad.  (Yes, I know it’s a sickness. ) The car place had closed with us when we turned it in, so there was nothing we could do.

This morning, Sunday, Steve got up and walked to the car place to be there when they opened at 8am.  This was not a short walk.  Miles.  He was able to get to the car before anyone had checked it and found my iPad.  I was on the balcony when he arrived home and with great sophistication yelled down at him on the street.  He held it up and I cried.  When he got to the apartment and I hugged him hugely he just said, “Well, all I did was walk over there.”

He’s humble, too.  Sometimes.

We drove to Maleny as recommended by Liz and walked around for a while.  I found a used book store, not the one with the lech who has retired, but in 3 minutes I found 3 books I wanted—all Aussie writers.  I bought them and then we headed to a local German restaurant.

These were real Germans; the owner herself in Lederhosen.  I drink a German Octoberfest beer and was in heaven.  The view from the table was of the Glasshouse Mountains.  These bizarre mountains were created by an ancient volcano.

Steve says the pointy one is the lava cone from the volcano and that the rest of the volcano has long since washed away.  The sausage pie and incredible salad were the best things we’ve eaten since we’ve been here.

They just jump up out of the earth and are dark and spooky.  I loved them.  Worth the drive.

We headed back south and then drove over to Caloundra to see the beach.  I normally would have walked in the water so I could claim to have been in the Coral Sea, but the thought of walking back to the apartment from the car rental with sandy feet stopped me cold.  We walked along a path and ate ice cream cones.

Some kids were attempting to surf and one guy was paddle boarding. We discovered this tree with “tumors”

which evidently grow down and take root in the ground.

I would film science fiction pictures here to release in the states.

We even stumbled upon a wedding reception.

Returning and discovering the iPad missing put a damper on the day, but I did open the bottle of Latitude 38 degrees Shiraz Cabernet (2008) that I bought from a really cute Aussie guy downstairs and calmed myself some.  Then for dinner—-Kebobs from Steve’s favorite takeout.  Kate would love the wine.  Maybe Paul.  Steve just says, “Too much going on in there.”

This afternoon Steve has gone off stalking what may be a great deal on a bike so he can ride the city.  Cross your fingers.

More later–


7 Responses

  1. You found some odd looking trees. This weekend the trees in Athens are exploding in color. It has been breathtaking walking and driving around town.


  2. Looks like you had a great weekend.

    The trees are a pandanus tree
    More commonly known as a Coastal Screw Pine.

  3. The mountain scenery is beautiful. Makes me want to pull out my ancient Man From Snowy River VHS tape. Glad you finally got out of town.

    DD#1 is right. Fall has finally come to town and leaves are peaking about a month late. DGS#2 is still wearing shorts to school. You’d think he was in Australia with you.

  4. wonderful tree—and it looks like you’re having a wonderful time—

  5. The trees are soooo cool! Thanks for sharing them and other pics from your Aussie adventure. BTW will now start trying to track down that red wine here in the states!


  6. Oooh adventures! Glad Steve recovered your iPad. What a hero!

  7. What a guy! A definite keeper.

    Did he have any luck with the bike?

    That tree…YOWSAH!!!

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