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Pesto is finished; Australia still on

FO:  Green Linen Skirt

I love linen.  I love my purple linen skirt.  I learned two important things from the purple skirt.

1.  Make it a bit short and a bit small.  After a couple of washings the linen really relaxes and it grows.

2.  Klutzes shouldn’t wear open lacework where it will catch on chairs and things.  Nuff said.

Let’s review the new one.

I started it in March from the top down.  Knit half a waist band, purl a RS row, knit the other half of the waist band.  Later you can baste the elastic in for trying on purposes.  Hem the band closed at the end.

Establish some sort of pattern.  I look best in an 8 gore skirt—hence, divide number of stitches by 8 and put the last 3 in a seed st pattern . . .

until you get bored . . . and then you can start increasing the seed st without a lot of thought or even a plan.

When do you block it?  Whenever you need to know how long it is really going to be.  Finishing is not a requirement for blocking.

How do you know if you have enough yarn?  You don’t.  No one really does.  And when you see you are going to run out, you frantically assault Ravelry asking for help.  Lots of people will help—or will at least wish you luck.  When you can’t find the same dyelot, you improvise.  I recommend changing the pattern st so any color difference just looks like the light is hitting it differently.   The big ball is the new color.

I began the new color with garter st and then made up a tighter lace than I used on the purple skirt—also knit much less lace.  Then I repeated the garter, did a crochet bindoff followed by a row of crab stitch.

Voila!  I love it.  I’ve worn it.  I’ve humbly and graciously accepted compliments.  Well, fairly graciously anyway.

Some random Australia shots

In King George Square


Top row is 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents.  They no longer use pennies; they just round it off.  Bottom row is $2.00 and then $1.00 coin.  Yes, the $1 is the larger one.  Guess the two came along later maybe and they didn’t want it to be too big???  Somebody tell me if this is true or false.  Anyway, it is handy to have the $ coins. But you need a strong purse because these things are heavy.

Check out the motto.

I just noticed this on the sign from the scene of the butterscotch waffle fiasco.


4 Responses

  1. I LOVEEEEE that skirt, Jane! How beautiful! This would be a wonderful pattern to publish….(hint, hint!) 🙂 I think it looks great – and I love the patterning on it.

  2. That skirt looks awesome on you! I love the lace panel at the bottom. Very nice touch.

  3. how soon we forget that model smile! so smile

  4. Thanks. Looks like I am going to have to write the pattern, but knowing me, it will come out a tutorial. Australia is really causing me to rethink my life and my business.


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