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Riding the City Cat to New Farm

We went on an adventure this weekend via the river.  The city transit catamarans are fantastic rides for seeing the sights along the Brisbane River.

If you are a senior citizen, the ride is only $1.44 each way.

We rode up past the Customs House which has a highly touted restaurant.

There are a lot of parks where families and friends gather. They are kept so clean.  In fact, I haven’t seen much litter anywhere.

These are the cliffs which are quite beautiful.  Lots of people climb them.  Speaking of climbing–

We got a great view of the Story Bridge.  People are allowed to climb it and you know Steve plans to do that.

You walk along the top between the wires.  They do make you wear a special jumpsuit and they connect you to a safety line.  Jane ain’t goin’ no where near that, no time.I’ll stay down on the water and take pictures.

Around the point is Dockside where a friend of mine lives.

Her community has a really nice marina .

She recommended the New Farm area, so we got off the City Cat there and immediately found a bicycle picture.

We took off walking and stumbled upon the New Farm Lawn Bowls club which welcomed visitors.  I have read about Lawn Bowls in novels, but didn’t know what the game was.

We sat and watched and Steve decided that lawn bowls was curling without the ice.  I’ve been a  curling fan since the last two Winter Olympics;  lawn bowls may be another game for me.  You can sit and drink beer while you play.

We walked further into the shopping area and I found a store I loved.  Linen dresses.  I just love linen dresses.

I think I can copy these—–if I can find some good linen.  Kate or Beth will know where.

We walked a million more miles down Brunswick St to the next community which is Fortitude Valley.  I took Steve to the James Street Market and showed him Moreton Bay Bugs and art gallery fruit.  We bought asparagus, tomatoes, cheese and bread and headed home for dinner.

More later.


2 Responses

  1. Love those linen dresses, too–loose and …OMG, did they actually put sleeves in one?! Be still my heart! I’m so tired of sleeveless!

    When we lived in the midwest, I used to make jokes about curling, but the Olympics hooked, me, too. Watched with three girlfriends–we knitted and snacked the whole time.

    Beautiful photos of an exciting time!

  2. you know some parts of your adventures remind me alot of miami beach—-high rises & water everywhere i may be the only one to wish you a happy thangiving so happy thanksgiving

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