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My Handmade Dress

Here it is.  Yes, the same fabric I used for the bag demo earlier.  Everyone here wears maxi dresses.  Even the escalators have signs reminding you to lift the hem of your maxi dress.  Honest.  Most of them are halters; all are sleeveless.  I decided to make one.

These are my sewing tools.  Straightening the fabric was not easy, nor was working on a 15″ high coffee table, but “making do” is my motto.  I’m proudest of this–the armhole.  I used the same procedure I use for fitting sweaters and started with the shoulders.  Then I cut and shaped the armhole.  I have an article about armholes in the next Knitcircus, so I knew I had better get this right.

I copied the curve of a favorite Tshirt for the neckline and added some beads just because I had them.  The black fabric is a gauze I found in a remnant pile.  I don’t know how this will launder, but right now I don’t care.  I’m just looking for a bit of detail.

Steve took the pictures.I asked him to take a bunch so I could find some I wasn’t ashamed to post.  He did.  He took about 15 and it wasn’t until I looked at them that I realized neither of us had noticed I was still wearing my MP3 player.  Meghan says men have tunnel vision;  I think she’s right.

This one is for Vicki who asked me to smile more.

I really have a lot to smile about.  The project manager has asked Steve to stay.  He told them he could and would work the project from Charlotte, so they are looking into setting that up.  I just love it here, but it isn’t home.

I wish everyone could have a few months to live somewhere new and different.  Kate and I talked about how when you move to a new place you can reinvent yourself.  I feel I’ve done some of that.  What I’m interested to see now is who I’ll be when I return.  I hope I’ll keep the serenity I feel here.  I know that is what is fueling so much creativity.  Maybe I need to just create and not worry about marketing it.

Charlotte friends, please email me privately your holiday plans so I will know how soon I can catch up with you when I return.  I’m sure I’ll be a jet lagged basket case for a few days after the 20th, but that could be fun for you.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

More later—


5 Responses

  1. Jane, I have enjoyed reading your blog. What fun you are having down under. Continue to enjoy your fabulous vacation. Thanks for sharing with your friends.

  2. Jane – this is such a cute dress! I love it – and especially love the color and the other little details. Did you handstitch the entire thing – or did you find a sewing machine to use somewhere?

  3. oops…I mean to write that I like the collar/neckline of the dress (although the color looks good too! ) 🙂

  4. 100% hand sewn. But today I bought two dresses. Oh, well.

  5. LOVE the dress! And screw private. I’m not going anywhere this year. I’m staying home. As of this moment anyway.

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