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The Botanical Gardens, Part One

I finally went down the street about two blocks to the Botanical Gardens.  I’d been saving this for a day when I wanted something special.  Got it!  I took the camera and planned to document the walk as if you were with me.  I wanted to show you what I saw and what attracted me especially.  Hope you won’t be bored.  I will have to post this over a few days as I have finally narrowed it down to only about 50 pictures.  I’ll put some in small and you can just click on them if you want to see them full size.

We enter through a side gate by the marina on the Brisbane River.

We’re walking along a lower path.  The Brisbane River is a tidal river and the tide is high at this time of day (about 2 pm).

There isn’t much public art here, but I liked this really large piece.

Water birds on the river show you the color of the water.  It doesn’t seem dirty, just this color.

There is a path above but . . .

we’re just going to walk here a bit.  Notice there is no fence.  It’s about a 5 foot drop into the river.  OSHA would have a duck.  Australians seem to think people have enough sense to be careful.

Nice steps up to the upper path, so we’ll go that way.

Spotted a “flock” of city ibis on the lawn and thought of sheep.

Red berries.  Well, Christmas comes soon.

Cane.  I love cane, especially bunched like this.  Andrew warns about it but knows some variety that doesn’t spread.

The only other statue I’ve seen.  The guy is Jemmy Morrill, a sailor shipwrecked on the Great Barrier Reef in about 1840.  He lived with the Aboriginals for 17 years.  He’s shown with two Brolgas who are storks often referred to as a native companion.  So says the sign.  It was created by Lindsay Daen to celebrate the centenary of the Pioneer Sugar Mill.  Don’t know what happened to Jeremy after 17 years.  Have to Google that.

The bark of a Bunya Pine.  I apologize now.  I am fascinated by tree bark and trees without leaves.  Line and texture.  Can’t explain it any better.

Low-growing lacy plant.  Reminds me of a salad.

The first of many pictures of things I know of as houseplants growing big and beautiful outside in this climate.

Maybe the best picture I’ve ever taken, except for the small light leak.  Must ask Meghan if it is time for a new camera or can this be fixed.  I took a picture of the label but was so “moved” I moved the camera too much to read it.  I’ll go back.

This is the trunk of that tree.  The word “elephantine” will begin to creep in here and there from now on.

We’ll take a break here.  Liz just called and she is coming over tomorrow afternoon to learn to knit socks on magic loop.  I have to go buy some good tea!!!

More later—


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