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Botanical Garden Walk Continued

This is a boardwalk down in the swampy area on the lower level.  Steve has walked it, but I’ll do it—no, We’ll do it—another day.

Just so you know, you can only drink here IF your party has secured a license and has given you an id as a guest.  Just so you know.

This is the entrance to the boardwalk with one lone colorful flower.

Hidden deep in the gardens is the stage.  Just like Freedom Park, sort of.

Behind the state are more huge houseplants.

Found some relatively normal looking flowers that were pretty and summerlike.  It is spring going on summer here.

More houseplants.  These leaves are at least 18 inches long. (Can you tell I am walking around with my mouth open going OMG?)

Poinsettia bushes.  They are quite tall.  Christmas is definitely coming.

There are even white ones.

Another tree with marvelous lines.  Quite a nobel specimum, but . . .

some cultural activities are the same the world over.  This does make a lovely lover’s lane.

Moreton Bay Fig—so unearthly beautiful.

Bird I stumbled on near the swamp

Exiting the path and headed onto the adjoining campus of Queensland University of Technology–the school for the Real world.  Steve loved that.

Hope you enjoyed our little trip.  I’ll tell you a bit more about the walk home later.


One Response

  1. Hi Jane,
    enjoying seeing my home town through yours eyes. Sometimes you just need to see it through fresh eyes to see it clearly again. I don’t know if anyone has recommended or if you have been to Newfarm Park & the adjoining Powerhouse. That’s lovely too. If you want to see an amazing range of those Moreton Bay figs put to good use, see the children’s playground at Newfarm Park. It’s just amazing!

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