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QUT and the walk home

A university bookstore—I’m there.  I love to look at what texts they are using in their literature classes.  I also love to buy spiral notebooks.  Can’t have too many.  Discovered the premier nursing school is located here as is the law school.  Not just a bunch of engineers!!

This is an Australian version of a pickup truck.  Thought you’d be interested.

This is the bike parking area at QUT.  Now you know this can be copied.  I’d love it as a sculpture in the side yard.  Or maybe just an appliqué for a wall hanging for Steve or Paul.  Cat, are you reading?  What can we do with this?  Even the colors are great.  Could it be the front of a sweater?

Could not resist this pic.  I don’t know what these cans contain, but if they had been at Georgia Tech when Steve was there, it would be beer cans.  Totally beer cans.  I so miss good beer.  Everett, have a Copper for me.

Small purple plant that I liked.  I can knit those leaves.  Note the sprinkler device.

A plainer pickup truck just to prove the other one wasn’t a fluke.

This is the bark of the jacaranda tree.  Totally different from the others, so far.  Also that has to be a houseplant of ours.

Leaving the school and walking up by Parliament house again I spotted this fence.  I’d love to cut out a piece to hang on my wall or even just put up in the yard.

This is the side porch area of Parliament House.  So tropical and British Colonial with the mix of stone, metal and palms.  It was built in 1865.

The last blooming jacaranda in the city I do believe.  Love that purple.  The saying here is that when the jacaranda blooms, students are in exams.

“Roses!”  Yes, I shouted that aloud.  I didn’t wait to see if people stared, but I was excited to recognize a flower.

Okay this is hokey.  I took a picture of the Alice St sign because the Gardens are located on Alice St.  I know the street is name for a Princess of England, but I have just walked through a wonderland and had a different connection in my mind.

Walking along Alice St I am taking pictures through the Garden fence.  More bark, but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Two textures at once on one tree.  Still this is nothing.

Bamboo?  Why is it yellow?  Dead?  Ripe?  I need Andrew here.

Look at this houseplant.  These leaves are at least 2.5 feet long.  Unreal.

A beautiful tree with golden yellow things on it.  (I know you wish I’d buy a plant book and identify these for you, but even a standard trade paperback of a novel is $30.00 here; I don’t want to know about serious books.  It isn’t happening.)

Finally—the one!  What is this bark? It is so beautifully alien.

It has these berries or something that are the most delicate shade of green.

I could not stop taking pictures.  Yes, Erica, like the 50 some-odd I took of penguins on that island in Scotland.

Respite.  Check out the two color leaves on this plant.  Even Mother Nature wants us to do two-color knitting.

This is a pond which I have not yet visited.  Maybe I’ll go there without the camera, because if I take some pictures, you will have to look at them.  But don’t miss this next pic.

My greatest discovery!!!  Phil0dendrum, the only thing I can really grow in my house, is the Australian Kudzu.  It is everywhere.

It even climbs the trees.  I wonder if you can make baskets out of it.  You can out of kudzu, but you have to boil it first.

I know some really randon stuff.

More later–about other stuff.


2 Responses

  1. Oh YES Jane! We can do something with that bike… 🙂

  2. Paul always likes bike art. And since you are now in the digital age you can take as many photos as you want and just keep your favorites, however many that might be. I can’t believe the mass of philodendrum. Reminds me of the thick coverage of impatients along the roadsides all over Costa Rica that grew with no effort or maintenance.

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