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Stateside Projects and Experimenting

I’ve received some great pics of work friends/students are doing and I think it should be shared.

Vicki's vest

Vicki has been knitting about a week.  She doesn’t really do scarves or other new knitter projects.  She does sweaters.  And she ignores the patterns most of the time.  This is her latest and she looks wonderful in it.

Debbie's blanket

Debbie shared this blanket.  It is heirloom quality.  The interesting thing to me was the construction.  It’s done with a medallion center, and then the mitered middle section is knit in four pieces and seamed at the miters.  I love this because it allows you to fudge a little if you need to in order to keep it flat.

Border pickup

Finally you pick up and knit the outside border.

Nancy Bush tells us that in Estonia, the women often knit borders of lace and then sew them onto the foundation piece.  Don’t squirm.  The sewing is easy.  In fine yarn it can be a simple whip stitch and work wonderfully.  Again, you have wiggle room when you do this.

I do like to keep my options open.

The Mapstone scrumbling workshop emphasized this.  Prudence reminded us that you can always sew  a new piece over one that isn’t really working.  And if you keep the motifs small, you can fiddle and change a great deal when you assemble your final project.

Australian Scrumbles

Speaking of scrumbling,  it is much like eating potato chips from the bag—you cannot stop.  Here’s what I’ve done with the limited amount of yarn I have here.

And my practical approach to scrumbling—sew it over the food stains on your T-shirts.  This will same me a lot of money.

Backstitching the Brain Stitch

Wrong side after sewing--Note Stain

A bit of pink embroidered on--Finis!

Finally, I’ve been making up lace patterns.  I did buy a lot of laceweight silk at Kaalund and now need to figure out what to do with it.

Cotton 20 thread

Scooped Up Lace in leftover Zephyr

Thanks again to Vicki and Debbie for sharing their work with me.  I love feeling like I got to be part of someone else’s work.  Hint!  Hint!

So much yarn, so little time.  And now I’m interested in sewing again.  Oh, well . . .

More later—


5 Responses

  1. Jane,

    Thanks so much for showing Debra’s blanket. I haven’t seen it in it’s full glory. Breathtaking.

    I’ve been saving my stained teeshirts for ty-dying, but I may need to switch to scrumbling.

    I’ve been meaning to write you and give you a big pat on the back for the excellent photos, descriptions and posts. Love all of the scenery and tales of your adventures.

    i’m trying to do some Christmas knitting for my family, but i’ve been spending too much time around them and can’t seem to knit in secret.

    Did you try to celebrate Thanksgiving?
    I’ll be taking off some time between Christmas and New Year’s so let’s try to get together for a drink.

    Hugs, Rachel

  2. Thank you for showing that lovely blanket – it’s a work of art!

  3. Vicki vests looks great. Debbie’s blanket is quite stunning.

    I like the scrumbles. My problem is holes in my tee shirts. Maybe it is time to do some shopping. I was looking into some sewing classes because I am also getting the itch to pull out the machine.

    Sorry I haven’t written to you sooner. Congrats on finishing your Daybreak shawl. It looks great!

    I’m working on designing a top down, set-in sleeve cardigan. I will e-mail you a picture of my swatch when it is finished. It will be a hopefully, not too corny, Christmas sweater with a lace tree motif and cable borders.

    I have loved your pictures of the trees! I’d visit Australia just to look at the trees. You look like you all are having a grand time. The people sound like super people and I’m glad that you have found such a pleasant welcome in Australia.

    We are going to Richmond the week of 12/12. David and I will take the train to D.C. for the day to tour the Museum of Natural History. We will come back on 12/19.

    Miss you, BJ

  4. i think you made a boo-boo i’ve been knitting about a year not a week—but i bet it amazed anyone who read it thanks

  5. I want to join in with Rachel and thank you for all the info. and pictures about Australia. I think you are so lucky to be “living” there and not just visiting. Can’t wait to see you in person to hear more about it but I HAVE to finish my daybreak shawl.

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