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Quilting in Oz

Annabel took me to two quilting stores and the colors blew me away.

In the bookstores and library, quilting books far outnumber any other craft.  That may mean it is the most popular craft here.

At Peppermint Stitches on Sylvan Road  in Toowong, I saw Amy Butler fabric in person for the first time.  Erica would love everything she does.

This store has some lovely samples.  It’s in an old building and has a real vintage charm about it.  The owner certainly has a flair for color and design—–and she likes sock yarn.  I bought some Madeline Tosh.

Look at the vintage look fabric of these squares with this silly bold monkey on top.  I think that is wonderful.

This is a boy’s quilt in again vintage look fabrics which have a subtle faded color look, but the appliqués are clean and crisp and very modern.  Love this design.

I love Kaffe Fassett.  I could not live in a room filled with his work because it is too fussy, too flowery, too busy; but, one at a time, I melt, especially at the colors.  The price made me gulp!

I took pictures of fabric just to look at the range of colors together.  One can steal from that, just like I do with Noro.

This was my favorite.  The fabric that looks grey in the middle is really a tiny black and white stripe.  These colors really speak to me.

Found this in a back room.

Then we went to The Quilters Store, 286 Evans Road, Salisbury.  http://www.quiltersstore.com.au/

Totally different shop.  In a warehouse district with shelves on top of shelves of beautiful stuff.

My favorite quilt of the day was there.

And I saw a quilt of Kaffe’s cabbage roses.

This was a quilt of fabric with boy type interests—also lots of girls I know would like this.  I liked the bike fabric.

Two quilts were simply in one color plus white.  Lovely.

I’d put this on a table in my house.

Biggest news for me—of which I stupidly did not take a picture—is that the Kaffe Fassett fabric is now available in cotton voile and RAYON—my favorite casual skirt fabric.  I will have some when I get home.

More later–


One Response

  1. I do love the vintage florals. Would love to make long dresses or skirts to wear with boots or clogs. I particularly liked the updated Maw-Maws. Made me think of Meghan and wished Evan weren’t already so old or I would have asked you to go back and get him one.

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