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Kaalund Silk Mix Scarf

Bits of different remnants from the weaving room at Kaalund lace weight silk yarns are knitted together lengthwise in garter, stockinette or seed stitch.  I cast on 200 stitches using a size 6 needle.  The final unblocked size is 48″ by 4″ .  I’ll block it when I get home and add the blocked size to this.  I’ll weigh it also.  Doesn’t take much yarn.

This is a good project to learn how to avoid blips, which I didn’t always do.  The new color should always duplicate the knit or purl of the old color.  The easy way to do this is to end each color with a knit row.  Then add the new color to the end where that last row began and knit it as well.  This also places your tails at both ends of the scarf so that the weaving in of tails is balanced.

You can, of course, carry your ends up the sides; I just hate having that many balls of yarn attached.  You know how it is, the phone rings, you jump up to answer it, everything hits the floor and rolls.  Cats love this.

Also made another of Rian Anderson’s Twiddles.  This one is larger and will be tied on the luggage for the trip home.  They are just fun.  It’s a fast ruffle gathered up at the end.  Rian thought of using a different cast on to make it pop a bit.  With this one I added a bit of embroidery in the center to balance the cast on.

Continuing to ruin new T shirts with food stains.  Continuing to cover them with scrumbles.  This makes a nice set with my green linen skirt.  I used the same yarn and just made this up.  I’m trying to make this ivy pattern that is one of Prudence’s bits, but I forgot to ask her to show it to me and now I’m struggling along.  Just ignore the grey hair.

Also trying to do Nuno Felting with no clue how.  Even so, I’m having fun.  I may take a class at Debbie’s shop this winter.  One was advertised.

More later–


One Response

  1. are you done with the site-seeing?????
    you only have 2 more weeks (which is bitter-sweet for me)
    it’s COLD here 19 in the am only 35 mid day enjoy the warm weather while you can

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