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FO: Freeform Headband

Beautiful, yeah?  And the headband isn’t bad either.

I’ve been working on some headband ideas for several months.  Too lazy to get them out in public and now the idea doesn’t seem so new.  But this one I love and it is so easy to do.

First you make the base.  You can see the grey filet structure of the headband in several places in this picture.  If you don’t crochet, consider knitting a strip of garter st to the dimensions you want.  This one is 4 inches wide and 18 inches unstretched, 22 stretched.  Look carefully at the front edge near Cristi’s ear and you can see that I wove some strands of yarn through the edge to restrict it from stretching further.

Then you make motifs, shapes, swatches, spirals, flowers, ruffles, whatever.  Get out the stitch dictionaries.  Throw them into a pile.  Make lots using scraps or planned yarns.  Consider an old broach or a neat button.  A piece of ribbon that you just like.  Then start pinning them on wherever.

Take your time here.  Make an arrangement and then leave it on the table for a while.  I sewed the motifs together using whipstitch and sewing thread.  Worked just fine.  I basted things on using scrap yarn and a tapestry needle, removing whenever I wanted to.  Basically I just played and it was fun.

A few folks even laughed at me and thought I had lost it.  But when I look at this in Cristi’s magnificent hair, I just pity them.

I wear it as an earwarmer with my short hair.  It makes me feel spunky and fun.

Make one, but please share a picture with me if you do.  It is so freeing.

Thanks, as ever, to Prudence Mapstone for reminding me how much fun this can be.

Yarns used were Malabrigo silk/wool blend for the base.  Motifs and swatches were mostly cottons, cotton blends, linen, bamboo, and some leftover Punta wool.  Needle sizes varied and were just random.  Really—random.

This might be a fun party idea.  You could even serve wine.  Errors make no difference.


3 Responses

  1. Why did I not look in the mirror? It looks great on! I mean, it looked great off too, but seeing it in action is a whole different story.

  2. WOW! Cristi, it looks great on you and definitely great fun — will be pulling out the scrap yarns this weekend to make one while the next blizzard starts blowing!

  3. This is such a great idea…can even see this working for one of those statement necklaces. Or cuff. The possibilites are endless!

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