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New designs just for fun.

I have been Blogging less than usual. One of those big things I discovered Down Under was that I was more creative and more productive if I spent less time online. I know, Duh! Well, I’ve been working on it and it’s true.

I have a wealth of projects to share with you, but don’t worry, I won’t inflict them all at once.

Earlier I wrote about the “Fluffy Squares” I knit from a pattern on Ravelry by Frankie Brown. Finally I did something with them.

A scarf. So simply made. Because I wanted to work this laceweight up quickly, I chose to crochet the center piece. It would work equally well in a knitted garter or seed stitch. I also chose to work lengthwise rather than widthwise to control the stretch. The squares are heavier than the center strip and would pull it out of shape—or so I thought.

I put the squares together in sets on the table and then walked by them for a day or so. Yes, I rearranged them a bunch and finally decided on what you see. I’m not sure if I found the best arrangement or just got tired of thinking about it, but here you are.

My sewing was somewhat clever and difficult. I put two squares RS out and two WS out to make it more reversible. Had I kept them all facing the same way, sewing inside the RS edge roll would have been a piece of cake. I had to flip it back and forth to avoid showing any sts, but it wasn’t that much.

The center strip is just whipped to the squares, a la those Estonian ladies who knit lace edgings and then sew them onto the shawl.

So, knit 8 squares. Sew them in sets of four (2X2)

Chain a length you like and sc about 6-8 rows for a nice firm edge.  Then switch to a mesh pattern–I used hdc, ch 1–and make the scarf the width of the squares minus one inch.  Repeat the initial sc edge.  Finish off.

Attach the squares to the scarf with a simple whip stitch or mattress st.  Voila!

It’s a perfect portable project, because the patterns are easy and the pieces are small.

What other shapes can you think of for the ends?


Squares are done on size 4 needle in Zauberball.  1 skein

Scarf is in Yipianqing 70% Silk 30% Cashmere 1.3 skeins = 390.0 yards (356.6m) using a F hook.  An awesome yarn.


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