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New Work to Inspire You

For the Guest Gallery

Debbie Carlson’s version of Wendy Bernard’s “Something Red”

Debbie Carlson's new sweater

This is a perfect fit.  It is knitted top down and Debbie applied the “Try It On Constantly” rules as she knit.  This is not the only perfect fit she has knitted and I like to think my classes have helped a little there.  <modest blush>

The length is perfect too.  Instead of following some rule of fashion, a top down knit lets you try it on and SEE where it looks best on you.  A+, Debbie.

Donna Call survived the great Daybreak Shawl Knitalong.  This is her shawl.

Donna Call's Daybreak Gold Shawl

This shawl requires miles of mind-numbing garter stitch, but that isn’t always a bad thing.  Having the group helped all of us get through it.

Truthfully, this classicly simple shawl may be the most worn item anyone would ever knit.  Look how gorgeously it drapes.  Looks great with jeans or a party dress.  Less than $30 of lace yarn.  Pattern is free if you buy your yarn at Charlotte Yarn.  Get it now.


3 Responses

  1. Your classes have helped me so much! I really like knitting for myself now since my sweaters fit. The new top down knit-a-long class should improve my skills even more.

  2. I love the shawl and I will finish mine after I catch up with the baby knitting.

  3. I would try to be modest–not really my style–but the truth is, teachers never tire of hearing they are doing a good job. I still have letters from kids from my early days of teaching. I kept them in my desk and on bad days I read them again. Your trust is me is worth billions. Thank you.

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