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Knitcircus is up and ready

Check these pics, check Ravelry, go to the website.  This is the best deal in the knitting world.  For one low price, you get ALL of the patterns in this magazine.  The patterns are all so well written—I know—because we get to work with the best tech editors in the world, and they push us to be better and better.

The articles here are to provide you with info real knitters want, not what someone wants to sell.  That is important to me.

Jaala, the editor, actively looks for the new and the different and the practical and the clever.  She seeks cool new yarns and indie designers as well as some of our favorites.

Even more, she writes a blog and gives away good stuff.  And the woman can cook, too.

If you haven’t read Knitcircus, don’t wait.

Now — giveaways.  I have 5 copies to give away.  Here’s how it works.  Go to the site and look through the mag, then leave a comment here telling me which pattern–besides mine–you want to knit first.  I’ll give you until Sunday night to do this and then I will generate the winners.  Tell your friends.

These are my patterns:

Dolce, a lace scarf

Victoria, a tutorial project on fitting armholes

Good luck to everyone.

Weds. am— I’ve seen it and it is 113 pages of beauty and wisdom.  Great patterns and amazing articles.  I’m going to make a cup of tea and curl up with my laptop.


18 Responses

  1. Oh gosh, your Dolce lace is GORGEOUS!

    I’d make the Kalmia hat first because my daughter has been insisting that she needs a hat to walk her boys to the schoolbus every day. After all, I knitted hats for the little guys. HOWEVER, I might be really tempted to make the hazelnut macaroons first. YUM!

  2. Hi Jane

    I’d knit Kalmia or maybe Sweet Tart, and of course I love your scarf!

    Here’s hoping I’m lucky!

  3. I like the rosebud headband and the Firey scarf. (and I love your dolce pattern too). 🙂

  4. If I can’t choose one of your patterns 🙂 the Slanting Rib Socks are calling to me. I am always up for learning new toes & heels for socks!

  5. There are so many lovely patterns in this issue! I love the Roses Are Red headband. With three little granddaughters, this pattern is calling my name.

  6. Blue is my color!–Spring Sky Socks!! look very do-able for the cable adverse. The ads are as luscious as the features and educational too!

  7. Gerberada is very very tempting. Simple, yet so wearable. I’m going to enjoy perusing the rest of the issue on my ipad. Thanks Jane

  8. Wow – what an issue!! Great articles, too. My fav patterns are Kalina Hat, Squirm hoodie, and Sweet Tart top (but I would convert it to a baby dress…)

  9. Please don’t put me in your drawing because I already have a subscription. I just wanted to play too. 😀

    I love your scarf!

    I will be trying the Blue Lupine Mitts.

  10. Hard to choose but I think I might start with the Ivy Tangle cowl.

  11. I want an Ivy Tangle hat and I already have the yarn!!

  12. I’d love to knit the Alcea shawl, it’s very much me.

  13. I loved this issue of Knitcircus! I think I want to knit the Gerberada shawl first – with beads! I love the Victoria vest – great tutorial!

  14. I think it would be the Alcea as I just finished spinning a lace weight yarn, but then I love the Dakota Cowl. Let’s just say I would knit almost every project in this issue. I also love your tutorial – I will be making the vest before I knit my first sweater. I wish I was able to take your class.

  15. dakato cowl has to be my choice! such a lovely design and a quick fix for instant gratification! ALMOST, may take me awhile!

  16. Bah. I’m knitting the Victoria, a Vest. Dammit. It’s the best thing about the whole issue. I get to knit something cool, and learn something too!

    I already have a subscription. =)

  17. Let me know if you have any questions.

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