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New Freeform Scrumbles

A big piece that is going in my black and white project.  It was a scarf, then a shawl, now I’m thinking vest.  I love that freeform doesn’t require you to truly commit until your get ready to join everything together.  Never dreamed I’d have commitment issues with fiber!

This hasn’t been blocked but I like it anyway.  Slip stitching down the side of the petals makes them curl and gives it texture.  Cotton yarns here.

Spiral Bullion

I’m really proud of this.  The bullions are Malabrigo Lace which worked easily–as easy as bullions can go.  The last one had 14 wraps.  I have been practicing.  Prudence promised that it was all a matter of the right yarn and practice.

Not a great photo, but you get the idea.  These rosy flowers may get into the black and white project just for a little color relief.  Rescued this yarn from the sale bin at Threads and More in Sherwood, Queensland, Australia.  I love a shop with a $5.00 sale bin.  Actually, I think I only paid $3.00 for this.

Never fear.  There is knitting in the project.

I just read in one of the books I’m perusing from the Charlotte library that garter st is particuliarly favored in freeform.

To see some really interesting work, check out these ravelry folks:

Antonina, from Austria

Prudence Mapstone, whose talent humbles me

Jenny Dowd, another Australian professional whose book I love

FridaKahlo You must check this out.  She is the most delightful, over the top, my-generation woman.  She creates wild things, but definitely has the personality to wear them.  Just reading the titles of her work is fun.  I’m still laughing and admiring her daring and skill.

More later–


2 Responses

  1. I absolutely love your freeform designs Jane! Especially that headband, and the dog vest is so cute too. Enjoyed meeting you Saturday at The Fibre Studio!

  2. Bullion is very impressive.

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