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Felting at The Fiber Studio

This is Vickie Clontz and she was my instructor at this Nuno Felted Scarf class.  She is so knowledgeable and encouraging, as well as being a gifted fiber artist.  I was so ready to take this class, especially after seeing some fantastic work in Brisbane.  When I saw the class advertised, I jumped at the opportunity.

We started with these raw materials and a silk scarf which had been handpainted by someone else.  Vicki had chosen some of the materials to match the scarves, but brought lots of extras to allow us to customize our work.

We started by tearing wisps and placing them . . .

My layout is pretty random with a few added colors for pop.  ( I really need that rug in my den)

Pat’s scarf was a very busy pattern and she used that as a bit of a guide.

Debbie, who owns this wonderful shop, also took the class and she really used the original design of the scarf which was highly effective.

Cindy’s layout was really fluffy, much more so than anyone else’s.  Notice in her final product below how lovely are the transitions from green to blue.  I suspect her fluffy layout had something to do with this.

This is the secret.  You make a sandwich out of bubble wrap, tulle, plastic.  Wet it down with a solution containing soap and roll it around a pool noodle.  Then you roll.  I mean roll.  200 rolls, check it; 400 rolls, remove tulle and replace; on an on–1600 rolls.  We did have lunch in the middle and thank Debbie for the high work tables which were perfect to protect our backs.  This is an amazing exercise for building your pecs.

Then you get beauty.  I just love this.

I really like mine, but I learned that I might like it more had I chosed a more highly patterned scarf.  I plan to try that on the next one I do.  Some parts were nearly perfect for me, but . . .others seemed under felted—totally my fault.  I just gave out and tried to wish it finished.

This is one of my favorite parts–the back.  To quote Vickie, we “coaxed the fibers through the silk” so they would adhere to the silk scarf base.  The felting shrinks the wool fibers and thus wrinkles the silk.  Love it.

So I have plans for another scarf.  I’ll make some different choices and see what I get.  No way you can really make a bad one.

Oh, and look at the necklace Vickie is wearing in the opening picture.  She is teaching a class on that at The Fiber Studio on April 23rd.  Check it out.


2 Responses

  1. Very cool! Glad you enjoyed it! All that rolling is no fun. Been there, done that. Still have the pool noodle.

  2. Wow thanks for the great write-up Jane! Your scarf turned out gorgeous, love the back. And your “honeysuckle pink” and “ocean blue” are colors straight out of the Pantone Spring 2011 Color Trend Forecast, pretty neat! Your hard work definitely paid off, I loved how your scarf coordinated with both your bag and ensemble, totally you! Looking forward to our Geode Pendant Class in April.

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