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Rowan #49 Arrives

Sandy Harris talked me into subscribing to Rowan International and I’m glad she did. I never make anything from this magazine, but it affects many things I knit. It is photographed so beautifully that you could frame every picture and the layout always makes me feel like spring at the beach–even the winter editions.

So the new one is here and I wish to discuss it. In detail. Hope I don’t get arrested for copyright infringement.

Initial look-through

1. English beauties with skin to dye for. They make plain beautiful.

2. The Art! I want to visit every locale.

3. Neutrals! Mix them and they are luscious. Even the dark colors work like a neutral. Can wear forever.

4. (about the knitting, finally) Horrible shapes. Unwearable unless you are a 20 year old model, size 0. Except two of the men’s sweaters.

Second look–always the productive one

1. Awesome stitch patterns. Steal them and make your own projects.

2. Some interesting details used very well. Steal these too.

My list of swatches to knit.
1. Fancy by Erika Knight– She uses Kid Silk Haze. There is no substitute for Kid Silk Haze. Look-alikes don’t drape as well and are invariably scratchy. I say this and I don’t even like mohair, but I love Kid Silk Haze. The st pattern is new to me. I would use it for a scarf, cowl, or shawl.

2. Ghost by Amanda Crawford. This is the first of several that uses elongated knit sts (wrap the yarn around the needle 3-5 times then drop the wraps on the next row).

3. Gentian by Grace Melville, Like above. The drape and airiness is good for warm weather.

4. Cicely by Grace Melville. Worth the price of the mag. She’s figured out how to knit cables with holes in them. Hint: Think intarsia.

5. Earthy by Erika Knight–Steve wants this. Unstructured. Made from Purelife Revive, a classy, recycled yarn which has not one bit of stretch or memory. It feels like linen which has been washed for decades–soft! This is an openwork pattern that we’d call lace in a woman’s pattern. Steve is not afraid of lace!

6. Honesty by Marie Wallin (my favorite of their current designers–her stuff is so wearable) This is simple with a neat serpentine detail down the center of the sleeve. Easy to copy and use on other patterns. She shows how effective one well placed detail can be.

7. Illusion Wrap by Marie Wallin. We all know the summer will really unleash a desire to crochet. This is made from several motifs and they are not all square which I like. I have to make the really open square for my freeform project.

8. Unwind Wrap by Kaffe Fassett. Dead simple but so effective. He combines Summer Tweed and Kid Silk Haze. They are so different. He just uses stockinette stitch to create a Scribble Scarf which has been done often thanks to Debbie New, BUT Kaffe does color like no one else, and using these two yarns together is genius. A mindless project that will wow.

Question: Can I do this using a one ply Kaalund silk which lives in my Aussie stash? I’ll let you know.

9. Wholesome by Jennie Atkinson. Knit a solid color sweater and then embroider on some color rows. More than duplicate stitch, she uses real embroidery. An easy and effective way to get two or more color knitting.

That’s it for now. I do plan to knit swatches of these and will keep them to remind or inspire me. If I were a product-driven knitter, I’d do them all in shades of one color and sew them together into a something—scarf, bag, whatever.

Oh, Kaffe also has a home dec section where he has framed some of his colorful surface design patterns. I can do that!

More later–


2 Responses

  1. Jane, I have to disagree with you about the Kidsilk Haze. I regularly use Elann Silken Kydd which has the same content as KSH and is around half the price. KSH is around 14.50/ball, and the Silken Kydd is 6.50/ball. I’ve knitted 2 gorgeous shawls with Silken Kydd and they’re so soft, never scratchy. I’ve had numerous compliments on them and I urge you to go to my Ravelry (Yarnfanatic) project page to see the Muir shawl and the Cap Shawl. They’re fabulous – and yes, I’m blowing my own horn. ;>)

  2. Never used it but I am going to order some and perhaps eat my words. The Crystal Palace copycat is terrible.

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