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Winter Hibernation

It’s not just for bears.  I tend to disappear occasionally myself and just try to rest my mind.  Usually the mind doesn’t rest, but it’s worth a try.

This last week I have been — embroidering.  I did a napkin.  Yeah, one in a week.  I learned to hemstitch.  The hard part is getting the threads pulled.  Use linen.  My linen blend was not easy.

Then I did a piece of cutwork on the linen napkin stolen from Air New Zealand.  Not by me.

Then I visited a local antique mall and bought some books, magazines, and an old stained piece of linen.

Meanwhile I was perusing my own small supply of Quilting Arts magazines.  I have a strong urge to make little funky wall quilts.  I don’t dare call it fiber art.  I bought a video of one year of Quilting Arts TV programs.

I hemmed another napkin.  I will do some simple whitework on it.

I started another shawl to test my numbers before sending the Mountain Spring pattern to test knitters.

Looked through the new issue of Creative Knitting and saw this cute necklace with beads.  I’m teaching a bead class at the Carolina Fiber Frolic this weekend, so decided to play with that pattern and recommend it or maybe one I create to those students.

My grandson is with me to recover from his tonsillectomy so I am scooping ice cream and coloring pictures.  He’s five and beats me at Crazy Eights.

I’ve put some beads and some embroidery on my felted scarf.

I discovered that W magazine has full page, bleed off the page ads which are great for doing paper crafts with kids—if you censor the pages first.  You can no longer just give kids magazines to find pictures from.  I realized this as I prepared some craft things for Evan.  Glamour magazine was a real problem. Lots of nudity and sex—but that is their demographic.  Bizarre.

Bought the 64 count Crayola box and remembered the first time I was able to do that as  a kid.  In those days it had a silver crayon.  It was a big deal yesterday, too.  We made freeform pictures together and talked about how many green crayons we had, etc.

Sorted all my beads.  Put them in tiny plastic bags.

Okay, writing this has been therapeutic.  I am wondering just what it is I seem to be avoiding.

Oh, I am going to the dentist today.

I’ll blog from the Carolina Fiber Frolic this weekend.  I’ve never been to Middleton Plantation before.  Expecting lovely weather and new friends.  Wish you were there, too.

I owe you a free pattern just for suffering through this entry.

Better stuff later–


4 Responses

  1. If you’re playing with embroidery, check out http://www.mrxstitch.com/ (warning, some posts are NSFW). Makes me want to take the hoop down off the wall…

  2. Have a great time. I thought it was a great post. I enjoy reading your posts always.

  3. Who suffered? Not me? Reading your post is like visiting with a friend…itIS visiting with a friend minus the stellar conversations we usually have.

    Brace yourself…Target has a box of 96 crayons!

    Yep 96. I have two boxes. One for just responsible adults and one for everybody….and I color with them more than most normal childless adults. 😀

  4. Let’s get together and color. I have a great Dinosaur coloring book.


    Sent from my iPad

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