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Shawls and Crazy Lace

Mountain Spring Shawl

Remember the Mountain Spring Shawl some of you volunteered to test knit.  Well, I have knit another to check my numbers–it’s very different because the yarn is so different.  Just need to type the directions and I will send them onto you soon.

This new one is knit from Maggi’s Cotton, a cotton/rayon boucle from Maggi Jackson that was residing in the stash. 

It is crushingly simple because the yarn is the star.

Another thing I’ve been knitting is Crazy Lace.  Myra Wood of freeform fame wrote this book and self-published it.  It is out of print and will cost you at least $70 IF you can find one.

Debbie Carlson told me to get it through Interlibrary Loan which the lovely folks at the public library arranged for me.  Thank you, Churchill County, Nevada.

It is a great read, because it encourages you to  break the rules whenever it suits you.  If you are a knitting anarchist as I am, you love that.  If you are new to breaking the rules and a bit skittish, Myra helps you out.  She reviews some things about lace and shapes and then eases you into this.  Either way, you win.

Myra’s Random Crazy Lace pic

How easy is this?  I stood on the sidelines at 5 year old soccer practice yesterday, talking to a woman about my purse that I had knitted, WHILE I was knitting random lace.

Not blocked, just pinned out

It’s like the art yarn I just spun recently.  There are no mistakes.

In this piece that I have pinned out so you can see it better, I have sort of one rule.  Keep the number of stitches the same.  So for every yarnover I throw in, I do a decrease somewhere, somehow.

Garter st lace

I’ve tried garter st as a foundation, knitting the wrong side rows.

Stockinette st lace

I’ve tried stockinette, purling the wrong side rows.  I like this better with this variegated yarn.  (Knitpicks Shimmer, silk/wool, leftover from a shawl)

Everyone can yo, k2together

What am I making?  Depends on how big it turns out to be;  right now I’m just making, and I am happy with that.  Who would have thought that lace could be a public group knit project?

Pooled section–I like solid colored lace.

Google Myra, check Ravelry, go to your local library.  This is another MUST DO!

YO twice, sl 1, k2 tog, psso for bigger holes.

More later–lots of new stuff.


2 Responses

  1. Love your crazy lace. I actually emailed Myra to find out if there were any plans for a reprint of the book. She got back right away and said there are no plans for further publication. Darn!

  2. The price for Myra’s book is now up to almost $400! Maybe it will be like Principles of Knitting, whose price got up into the hundreds before they finally decided to re-issue it. Thanks goodness for libraries!

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