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Update on some explorations

Funky Artyarn Spinning

Coffee cup cozy

Put a button on the ugly cozy.  Couched some of the blue stuff on my practice embroidery piece.  Used Perle cotton and made two couch sts at each point.  Used the embroidery hoop as a guide for the placement.  Good idea for leftover yarn you love.

EmbroideryI may have Unvented this stitch.  I’ve seen Bullion st flowers, but here I forgot what I was doing and made Buttonhole st petals.  I like this mistake.  I just took a big st and then filled it in with Buttonhole st like you do when you make a buttonloop.  I’ll take some pics of the process and post later.

I’m still embellishing the wet felt silk scarf.  I sewed seed beads in a leaf shape and embroidered the center vein.  Above right is a buttonhole spiral just improvised.  To the left is an outline of something??  Note the different colored threads.The big thing is done in two colors of perle cotton.  I did some lazy daisy st in the blue and then just started running st and then just ran the sts in a spiral.  It looked plain and unfocused, so I tried to fix it with the lovely chartreuse.  I couched each side of the chain and then ran sts between the running sts.  Better, but not great.

The patch of burgundy at the bottom shows some running sts in a green sewing thread.  I wanted to secure those fibers.  Would have been better had I used thicker thread or even beads.  Of course, that can still be done.I love these ferny, feather stitches.  Using the green yarn made me think of fiddlehead ferns.  I’m enjoying this activity as much as I enjoyed the felting class.  Wonder what else I’ll sew on this thing.  I think I have some feathers somewhere in just these colors.

Jake got a haircut

Jake didn't like getting a haircut, and . . .

he doesn't want his picture taken.

What have you been exploring?  It is spring–well, almost; time to try a new thing.


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