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Buying yarn with Remi

I spent Friday morning meeting with the yarn rep from Takhi Stacey Charles. Remi had invited me to join them to look for yarn to support some upcoming classes. What fun! I had planned to order Filiatura di Crosa’s Fine, an exquisite Egyptian cotton that is really elegant. But I changed my mind when I saw the colors of the new Cotton Classic Lite.

Remi just gave me my head and said buy what you need. Of course, that about paralyzed me. I feel like if I buy it, I have to make sure it sells. eeek.

Here’s the thing I don’t get. We live in the South. It gets really cold here maybe 10 days each year. Winter is really mostly 40 + degree days and sunny. Why do knitters here make alpaca sweaters? Well, okay, for those ten days. But most of the year we wear cotton, denim, linen. Doesn’t it make sense that we would knit with those yarns as well?

Yes, cotton doesn’t knit like wool, but it is so wearable, not to mention washable. Are we led along by what patterns are popular?  I remember “Sally’s Favorite Summer Sweater” being so popular about 10 tears ago. It was an easy knit and easy to wear. But——–it had LONG SLEEVES!!! Sally Melville is from Canada. Not North Carolina.

My point? Think about your climate before you buy fiber. If you need something other than wool, learn about it. Learn how to work with it. Learn who designs with it. Recognize that poor quality of any fiber will have problems. So seek out a range of yarns.

So, I think my responsibility to the shop is to show people the cool things we can make out of wearable cottons, strong cottons, cottons that don’t pill or fade. I also can talk about the difference in a pattern designed for cotton and one designed for wool.

What classes do I have in mind for this new yarn?

To start, I’m planning to teach the purse “Jewel.” This class will emphasize play. Playing with color and stitches. Playing with texture. Trying some new techniques. I’ll be using Cotton Classic Lite and some Sari Silk.

Then, I want to teach a  knitalong. I really wear my two knitted skirt in the warmer months. They are cooler than shorts, and the swish a bit in a girly sort of way. The Cotton Classic Lite will make a great skirt.

Finally, there seems to be some interest in freeform knitting and crochet. Freeform is the perfect summer knitting or crochet. Build a project from small pieces that you just make up as you go along. Create an entire piece or just the embellishments that make it uniquely yours. The Cotton Classic Lite will make a great foundation yarn, and you may add in some of the new novelties coming into vogue.

Anyway, I’m excited about these gorgeouse new colors which are just fun to look at, and I want to have a fun time turning them into joyful thread art pieces that are useful while they brighten my world.

Here are the stats:
100% Mercerized Cotton
Hand or machine wash cool, lay flat to dry
US#5 (3.75 mm)
(50 g) 146 yds
6 sts = 1″
F-5 (3.75 mm)

As you can tell, I bought mostly bright summer colors.  In the fall we will bring in some gorgeous muted shades.  They also do a few pastels, but I didn’t choose them this time.  Of course, Remi will always order the colors of your choice.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about some cotton patterns that I like.

Uh, I bought two neutrals for the shop. I also have some serious plans for the second color. But you’ll have to wait a bit to hear them.

In the meantime, buy a ball of a yarn in a fiber or size with which you’ve rarely or never worked. Swatch it. Try something with it. Work a rectangle about 5 inches by however long and then fold a sew a pouch. Heck, put a zipper in it and call it a makeup pouch. You’ll learn a lot and there is no pressure! Knitters are adventurerers.

More later–


7 Responses

  1. I love knitting with cotton! I really like your skirt pattern as seems it would fit us “hippy” folks! I am up for a skirt class in the Periwinkle like color!!! And will do your purse to match for my summer wardrobe- of course at my knitting speed I will enjoy this all NEXT summer 🙂

  2. So when is this purse class?

  3. There are those of us who love to knit for the pleasure of knitting, and, in my opinion, there is nothing more pleasureable than knitting with alpaca and the only thing more painful on my hands than cotton is knitting with silk.

    I don’t mean this to be rude, just a reminder that knitters have different reasons for taking up the needles.

  4. Marguerite,
    You are not rude, and your point is well made. My concern is knitters who experience great disappointment after knitting a sweater, often from a summer issue of a magazine, and then find they can’t wear it.

    Some of these knitters give up the idea of creating sweaters.

    My point is that a yarn shop has the responsibility to educate their clients and provide the opportunity for them to grow successfully in the craft. I believe that encouraging experimentation and new experiences provides that growth. Growth leads to success and success leads to good feelings. It is all part of my plan to achieve world peace through craft. That isn’t a joke.

    Thank you for your feedback i need to work on clarity.

  5. Thanks for your comment. I responded on the blog, but I wanted you to know that I appre iate your point. It made me see my writing in a different way. I didn’t make the point I was trying to make.


    Sent from my iPad

  6. I’m thinking mid to late April. I need to give the yarn time to arrive.

    Sent from my iPad

  7. I have been wondering the same thing (about wool) since I moved here 4 years ago:) Looking forward to your classes.

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