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New Classes and Projects

Jane’s Knitting Classes at Charlotte Yarn

To sign up for a class, call or visit Charlotte Yarn, 1235 East Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704-373-7442 | info@charlotteyarn.com

To contact Jane, email jane@jpknits.com

Jewel, a multicolored custom designed purse

Apr. 10 (Sun.)–1-4 pm, $35

Jewel is pouch purse which is a simple design. The success of this project relies on mixing colors and a few unique stitches. Lining the purse can be done by hand in 15 mins. The strap can be made from the chosen yarns or a purchased ribbon. This is a fabulous gift because it is quick, easy, and uses your leftover yarns.

Materials: bring leftover yarns, needles to match the size of most of the yarns,
optional materials–beads, buttons, ribbons, or other geegaws just lying around, fabric piece at least 8″ x 24″

You will learn how to choose the colors for the bag you want, some neat stitch patterns that mix yarns, ideas for a fun flap, and my “down and dirty” 15 minute lining method.

Finishing Your Projects

Apr. 30 (Sat.) 2-4pm $25

Finishing begins before you cast on, and the patterns never tell you this. Knits are not sewn together, they are laced. Blocking is not the same for every fiber, and it doesn’t have to be hard. This class will take the mystery out of all of this and have you ready for that next big–or small–project.

Materials: Homework swatches (2), yarn and needles used for the homework, tapestry needle, any projects you need to finish.

Homework swatch instructions. Use a light colored, smooth yarn.
Cast on 12 stitches.
Row 1: knit all.
Row 2: purl all.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 twenty more times.
Do not bind off. Thread a piece of yarn through the stitches and remove from the needle.
Make a second swatch just like the first one.

Magic Loop Technique

May 1 Sun.) 2-3 $15

Whether you want to knit socks or wristlets or tiny baby sweaters, the magic loop technique is for you. It is faster and easier than double pointed needles and removes the need to buy extra sizes of circular needle cables. This class is designed to help you master the technique which you can then apply to any project.

Materials: a circular needle with a 32″ (or longer) cable length. Yarn to match the needle size. You may want to bring some scrap yarn to learn on and some yarn for a project to begin in class. A hat is always a good first project.

Jane’s Skirt Workshop

May 4, 11, 18 (Weds. Evenings) 6–7:30pm $35

We are going to design and make a summer skirt. The skirt will have an elastic waist, an A-line or 8 gore shaping. You will choose your yarn, length, and stitch pattern(s). We will work from the top down and try it on for fit as we go.

Materials: Yarn (see below), needles in 3 sizes, pictures of stitch patterns you are considering, 1″ elastic to fit your waist-size; some regular graph paper, pencil, eraser, tape measure, tapestry needle, scissors, 10-12 stitch markers. Optional if you sew, a simple skirt pattern.

Yarn requirements: Dependent on size, length, and stitch pattern. As a guide, an A-line skirt about 23” in length knit from sport weight/DK yarn will require

Hips Yarn in grams

33” 450g Remember to only wind one skein at a time so that

36” 450g you can return unused yarn.

40” 500g

44” 550g

48” 550g Recommended yarn: Louet Linen, Cotton

52” 600g Classic Lite, Hempathy

56” 600g
If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact me at jane@jpknits.com.

Homework for the first class. Knit a stockinette st swatch which is at least 5″ x 5″. Machine wash and dry the swatch. (Read Turtlegirl76’s blog from March 14 if you think you can skip this step. Http://turtlegirl76.com.)

Knitting with Cottons

June 4 (Sat.) 2-4pm FREE

Call the shop to reserve your chair.

Southern knitters need to use the great cotton yarns now available. Sweaters, bags, jewelry, skirts, bathing suit coverups, hats, home dec and baby projects–cotton is used for all of them. This class will teach you how knitting with cotton is different from knitting with animal fibers. We will also look at some other plant fibers –soy, corn–and discuss how to choose the right one for your project.

Knitters attending will test knit some popular yarns and rate them for the shop. This makes you part of the new yarn selection team for your local yarn shop.

If you have a favorite cotton, bamboo, soy, milk, or corn yarn, bring it along to show us.

Jane will share some tips and some stitches as well as some favorite patterns.

Don’t miss this opportunity to plan some great summer knitting.

Materials: Needles in several sizes from 3–10. Scissors. Pen or pencil.

4 Responses

  1. I wanna take all the classes – but it’s a long commute from Indiana.

  2. Rona, it would be worth the drive.
    I’m going to sign up for the pouch purse class, for certain.

  3. Rona,
    It’s warm in NC. Might be worth a long drive 🙂

  4. I think June 4 is a Sat. Will the class be on the 5th?

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