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Me and Spiderman

I took Evan  to the cloth shop with me.  He found Spiderman fabric.  Please, Nana, please.

I bought 1.25 yds of each and planned a quick quilt with a flannel batt.  Just like my grandmother used to make for the grandkids.

I decided that tying it was the best idea.  That way Evan, age 5 and a half!, could help.  He can tie.

Five year olds do not want to tie knots even on their own quilts.

I finished the tying and then couldn’t stand not doing some quilting.  The stitches are not tiny like they were many years ago (before the elbow surgery caused by too many tiny stitches).  Somehow that didn’t matter.  Certainly not to Evan.

The fabric had two kinds of webs and I planned just to quilt around one.  After all I had tied the dang thing.  Couldn’t stand it.  Wound up quilting all of the webs.  Loved it.

Long before I knit, I quilted.  A lot.  After I blew out my elbow, I couldn’t hand quilt.  I was too snooty to even consider machine quilting.  This was long before all of this stippling and stuff which is so wonderful.  Lots of years passed and I had not sewn at all.  So many products were developed that I didn’t know about.  “Sulky” was a word that described thirteen year olds who didn’t get their way about something.

Evan’s little quilt is finished.  No, no picture.  He grabbed it and headed home before I could take one.  I’m just pleased he likes it that much.

I’ve been back to the cloth store.  I dug out some ancient work and some old fabrics.  The library has lots of books on making small quilts, wall quilts.  You don’t even have to handsew your appliques.  You can glue.  And people paint on their quilts.  Today I learned about oil pastel sticks and quilting.

One of the books I checked out had wall pieces made from fabric and knitted bits.

Can you tell what I’m up to now?  Thanks to Spiderman.  And Evan.


2 Responses

  1. Jane…Are you coming to Gaston County without my knowledge???

  2. Jane,

    That quilt is just precious! Holden, my grandson, who is 2 1/2 has just discovered Spiderman. He showed me his sheets this week end!

    I’m learning these boys love things to the max!


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