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I’m really happy at the way I’ve gone about learning to see color.  It was so practical and non-jargon loaded theory.  Not everyone likes the colors I put together, but that’s okay.  I like them.  I like that I try to push the envelop and use something surprising or new.  I like that I have learned some neat ways to cover up big mistakes.

I’m still working on my black, white and grey freeform vest.  It’s hard to not allow it to be drab.  One way I thought to fix that was to add one color, but what color?  I also thought about focusing on what color shirts I would wear under it.  Jewel tones obviously.  Anyway, I walked around the house and gathered some colors for a “study in the lab.”  See what you think.  Maybe learn something about what you like.  Hopefully, something surprising.

Jake's acrylic afghan

This almost works for me.  In Australia I found lots of black, white and lime quilts and coveted them all.  But if I put this color near my face, someone would call a medical examiner.

This chair is a bit brighter than the photo, but I like looking at the sort of sagey green with the pieces.  But dont’ add sage if you are worried about drab.  Still, there is something nice about this.

Cotton fleece vest

Well, I was looking for bright.  It isn’t the brightness that bothers me; it’s the “sweetness” of the color.  I did say I don’t have the jargon.  Some colors are sweet to me and some are dry, like the sage.  It may not make sense to you, but it works for my brain.  This says Get a different shade of blue.  Which I don’t have.

Plummy pink dishcloth--worn

I like this.  It isn’t bright, but it is fresh.  Another of my color words.  The drabness is cured without overwhelming color.  This was a surprise.  The shade–a real color word which indicates a grayed color of pink–works with the gray of the yarn.  Well, duh.

Back of throw pillow

If gray is what you want, this obviously works.  And I have a Tshirt this color.  It really pops the white pieces and some of them are really quite nice.  This holds potention for a future outfit.

Hot pink/fuschia t-shirt

I just happened to have a bright pink t-shirt—-or six.  This is the most likely combination for me and it is no surprise to anyone who knows me.  I’m thinking white pants with it for summer.  Hope this is enough incentive to finish this.  Prudence Mapstone will be in Greenville in September at the TKGA/CGOA convention and I’d like to be wearing something she inspired when I see her.  She’s from Brisbane and, therefore, dear to my heart.

If you are from NC or the Southeast, go to www.tkga.com to get the info on this conference in Greenville.  Big star teachers will be in our area.  Don’t miss this opportunity.  It is very different from Stitches South.  Much more education oriented; they don’t try to sell you the world.  Registration should open soon.


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