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The Importance of My Iron

I hate to iron.  When we married, we agreed that no matter how poor we were, Steve’s shirts would go to a laundry.  When the girls were born, I gave away any baby gifts that required ironing.  I don’t even iron my linen pants and jumpers.  So how important could an iron be to me?

Well, over a week ago I knocked my iron off my ironing board onto a wood floor and pieces went everywhere.  It wasn’t the first time I had dropped this iron, but it was the last.  I simply planned to buy a new iron.  No big deal.

The iron I broke was my first really nice one, a Rowenta Professional;  it would shoot mega steam to block my knitting pieces.  I had to have another really good one.  Prices had gone up.  I found the newest Rowenta made in Germany was $175 at my nearest store, but was only $116 on Amazon.  I ordered it.  It took over a week to come.

For over a week I had no iron.  I could not block knitting which I do several times in the process of making an item.  I also couldn’t block the crochet stuff I was making.  I could not sew a seam and iron it, so no quilting.  I couldn’t even continue the appliques on the Cabin on a Hill project because I need the iron to fuse them to the background fabric.  Lots of what I couldn’t do.

So what did I do?  First I made paper beads.

Then I used them to copy a necklace that I had seen on Vicki’s neck.  Now I have to figure how to fasten it securely.  Not my strong suit.

Then I read about machine cording.  Simply put, I used a bunch of strands of the yarns I’m using for my Autumn Jewel purse (which I couldn’t finish because I couldn’t sew the lining) and held them together while zigzagging them with a neat metallic thread.  I will double the result and make the shoulder strap from it.

I created summer halters for the dogs using leftover yarn and both knit and crochet.  I’m still learning dog anatomy and just how small Jake is and how voluptous Bella is.  After lots of work and testing on the walk where they really stretched out, I found the simplest possible halter on ravelry for free.  I’ll let you know how that works.

I drug out last year’s sweater based on Wendy Barnard’s Crisp Vest.


The sleeves look fine for a 20 year old which I am not.  I pulled out the bind off and made them longer.  I used the small ball of leftover yarn and pulled out about 4 yards from the swatch I had knit.


I did not have to use the skein I recently bought at Charlotte Yarn, so I returned it and bought TWO skeins of Blue Heron rayon from the trunk show.  Seemed fair to me.

Then I started a vest project using a crochet pattern from The Happy Hooker.  It uses a chunky yarn.  I hate crocheted garments make from chunky yarn.  But it was in the stash. I’m using my typical top down techniques with the crochet—a new thing for me and it seems to be working.

I actually think I kind of like this chunky yarn garment.  I eat a lot of words.

Thank goodness the new iron arrived.

More later–


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