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Hooked on Linen

Yes, more crochet.  And in the chunky yarn I used to not like.  And not quite finished.  But I’m not sure where to go.

This began with Debbie Stoller’s book, The Happy Hooker. “Short ‘n Sweet” is a little jacket just like I like, and it is even done top down.  However, the worsted weight yarn it calls for is much smaller than the yarn I used, so lots of estimating and crossing of fingers followed.

I really like the stitch pattern and it was fun to do.  The pattern called for me to begin with 94 sts, but 37 was what worked to fit my shoulders.  So I improvised and worked on just using the chart of the pattern as a guide.  Frankly I just pretended I was knitting a top down sweater, tried it on a lot, and shaped away.

What I have is a cropped vest.  But I have lots more yarn.  Should I try to add a short sleeve so I can wear it over a cami?  Should I make it a long vest to below the hips?  I don’t have a long summer vest, but I am worried this will make my hips look big (as if they aren’t already) and that the lace would look funny if my top and pants were different colors.

Maybe I’ll make a purse out of the extra yarn.  I don’t know how to create a sleeve in crochet—and in a lace yet!  May be too much thinking.

Yarn:  elann’s Linen Beach, 85% cotton, 15% linen; 50g=68 yds, 15 sts/4″ on a US 10.

More later–


2 Responses

  1. Hi jane,

    The new vest looks good — I like how the pattern really pops across the back. The current length is good and is more flattering than anything longer (remember how knits tend to stretch and cling across the bum when longer … not so attractive). I’d leave the sleeves off too – it might be too much of a good thing (pink looks great on you and probably better as a wonderful accent color close to the face and top half of the body). Hey, just my opinion as your wardrobe consultant 🙂

  2. God, I love you. I just wish you were going to be here Friday when I meet with Sue. I will be consulting you soon. I just added some single crochet on the edges and I love it.

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