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New FOS; New projects

Yeah, I know that I really don’t need to start any new projects, but I can’t help myself.  Give me credit for completing some things.  I finally decided that Autumn Jewel is finished.Pulling out the wooden beads reminded me I had other beads.

by Carol Metzger
from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders

This is designed for Tahki Cotton Classic.  The Cotton Classic Lite would work just as well.  I used Sirdar’s Snuggly Baby Bamboo and love how softly it drapes.Now orange is not my color.  The reason this is orange is that Remi set me a challenge.  She gave me four skeins of yarn and set me off to design and play and make the basis for my summer classes.

I have an opinion.  (Make snarky comments.)  Summer knitting should be small, exploratory, instructive, and result in gifts for giving to others.  With that in mind, I have designed some baskets, some small purses, and then knit this necklace—-and I still have yarn.  I’ve used a bunch of slip stitch colorwork which is such an easy way to add extra color to a project, really firm st patterns which make lining a purse an option, zippers inserted effortlessly by hand (machine is optional) and beads.  The classes can be a one time event–summer is so busy that most folks can’t commit to a series of classes–and I will be encouraging folks to use cotton yarn.  After all, it is summer.

I’ll update these projects with class dates this week.

New project. 

Those who know me well know I am messy.  Dyeing is messy.  Thus the new project is named Winestains.

I have knitted and kept a humongous number of swatches over the years.  Just threw them in a box when I was finished with them.  Some were gauge swatches; most were to try a new technique or stitch pattern; some were just to explore a new yarn.  Lots of different colors–often a “why did I buy this?” color.

Idea!!!!! A crazy throw, similar to a crazy quilt.  But I knew it would be ugly and unconnected.  Rit Dye, shade wine.  I know it won’t last forever, but heck, this project has the potential to be a big flop.  I put the dyepot on the stove, sorted into animal and plant fibers and began.  Here are some of the swatches.

Some closeups.
The grey yarn in this swatch had too much acrylic to dye well, but the color works with the others.
If you dye green yarn with wine dye, you get brown. Sometimes the brown is nice; sometimes it is ugly.  Nice to know.
I’ll keep you posted on this.
One more small project–a mixed media postcard.  And yesterday I painted paper to use to make something.
You really need to come over and play with me.  I’m having fun.
More later–

One Response

  1. More ideas for time I don’t have… Really Love the wine swatches. The variations will make it sing.

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