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Need gardening help–OT

So, after a period of lots of rain, the dogs and I walked the property.  (Takes about 45 seconds).  This is what I saw.

Unearthly plants

Now I know I watch and read a bunch of sci-fi.  I also was raised in a town of 3,000 where you went to the one movie theatre every Saturday, all day Saturday, and saw the latest B pics, mostly like The Head That Would Not Die.  My first thought on seeing these pod-like things was Triffids!  Clearly some alien being was being hatched in my back yard.  No earth plant has a brown excretion on its tip.  Or self destroys like this.  And there are lots of them!

I have no idea how to begin to Google this, so I reach out to you.  What is it?  Can it hurt me?   Did I bring this back from Australia on my shoes?  Should I move?

While we are at it—are these daylillies?  Kate, did these come from you?  Age affects memory.  I know the plants behind them is Russian sage; Andrew planted it this year.

That’s it.  I am adding pics of the backyard.  You can skip those, but Kate will be interested.

Thanks in advance.

Basil to accompany tomatoes and fresh mozzarella


More Hostas


St. John's Wort


Tiny succulent

The dog of succulents

Speaking of dogs-----


7 Responses

  1. I remember reading that book, “The Day of the Triffids!” And I envy you the size of those hostas!

  2. I should have known you would recognize it. After reading the wikipedia article, I’m even more creeped out. Thank goodness I didn’t touch it. I may have to torch that part of the yard in order to save the human race.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. could be day lillies..

  4. Hi Jane,

    The yard is looking good! yes, those are daylilies we rescued from my yard before the move … some of the hostas too I think! Glad to see the herbs … gotta have some fresh basil for tomatoes!

    Oh, and be sure the boys don’t pee on anything you want to live … maybe they could take care of the stinkhorn?

  5. I think #2 looks a lot like my Tiger lilies. We’ll find out soon. Mine are getting ready to bloom.

    Also, if you want more, or if you want some purple bearded irises. Come on over. I got tons.

  6. […] was especially intrigued by a photo of some carrot-like mushrooms on Jane Prater’s knitting blog recently, since we live in the same city.   I sent the link to her request, “need gardening […]

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