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Crazy Woman with Crazy Blanket

I have dyed all the old swatches .  They are dry.  Now I sort.I arranged them by size and shape, with a special pile for some of my freeform shapes.  The plan is to sew them all together.  Fortunately I have been revisiting my quilting past and remember the paper piecing part of crazy quilts.  I cut some medical paper into @24 inch squares and began to assemble the pieces very randomly.  I mostly just tried to mix the colors and textures and get the square covered.  Errors were to be fixed later.

Winestains block 1

Winestains block 2

Winestains block 3

and so on until I had six blocks.

Then I began to sew 

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy this.  The hardest part is not sticking yourself with the pins.  The paper holds things very stable.  In fact, if you are sewing any knit project together, I recommend pinning the pieces to a sheet of paper before you sew.  Much easier.

When the squares are finished, many decisions will need to be made.  Not my strength.

1.  How to organize them for the final blanket.

2.  Do I back it like a quilt?  With what?  Knit material?  Linen?  silk

3.  How much embroidery for the surface?  What color thread should I use?  Pink?   Silver?

4.  Will it have a border?

Any and all answers, suggestions are gratefully received.  What would you do?  (Don’t say not even start this thing.)

More later–


8 Responses

  1. I vote for a border, probably in the same color as the embroidery to unify it. I could see silver/grey or maybe a shade of blue — would periwinkle work. It’s hard to figure that out online.

    And why would you back it? We don’t usually back other knitted blankets.

    Just a few thoughts.

  2. I think the border should be knitted and it should be black! I love the idea of those Amish colour combinations!

  3. don’t back it – why cover a gorgeous side?? all that work – flaunt it, lady, flaunt it!! so cool!! (did I spell flaunt correctly?….sigh…. )

  4. Such ambition… I am about to meet Candace and another knitting friend for a weekend on Cape Cod. Happy summer, Linda

  5. I would back it with a floral or paisley print. I would knit a border. Pick up stitches on each side separately and have a 45 degree angle on the ends so when you wrap it to the back the corners will miter. If you plan to embroider, use that to tie the backing to the knit squares.

  6. I love this idea. Especially the paisley. I think I have to line it in order to stabilize the embroidery.

  7. You nailed it with the silver gray. I have some beautiful Seduce from Berrocco that may be perfect.

  8. i started a hat in cotton and quickly learned cotton is no good for a colorado winter hat. you certainly do have to plan your cotton projects. ALS

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