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Have You Seen My Mojo?

My knitting mojo, I mean.  Haven’t gone this long without knitting since 1993.  Sometimes I go three days.  I think about knitting.  Does that count?

I’m stuck in the long design process that I have with the cabin quilt and Wine Stains.  Here’s that progress:

What’s different?  I have machine quilted the background.

Machine quilting

This is my first venture into machine quilting.  I did practice some, but was unwilling to practice enough to be good ( think a year) and I want this finished and hung.  It isn’t horrible unless you are a machine quilter.  It was fun–stressful, but fun and I learned a lot.  If you want to see great machine quilting, go to The Free Motion Quilting Project.  This blog is by a young woman in Shelby, NC, who is not only talented, but generous.  The designs are gorgeous.

I am embroidering the six Wine Stain blocks.and appliqueing on some scrumbles.  This, too, is learn as you go.  The stitches are not precise, some would call them primitive in places, but I have excuses.  Working on knit fabric in this large a format isn’t easy.  I have backed the squares with a medium interfacing from the stash and will cut away the excess before backing it.  Second excuse, I’m learning new stitches.  Third, I’m getting bored.  But I still love it.  The imprecise stitching fits the piece–it’s a crazy afghan after all.

Just so I remember how to knit, I am starting a felted basket.  This is the pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting.  I already have three of these and use them constantly.  Sometimes they hold a small project, other times they hold pencils and markers.  They are strong, weigh nothing, and when you drop them, they don’t break.  I found this Kureyon in the stash and am holding the two skeins doubled.  Garter stitch is so good to your brain.

I’m caught up on my blog reading.  Amazing how unsubscribing can help with that.  Discovered two new blogs on Ravelry today that are interesting.  Naturalsuburbia.blogspot.com is by a young South African woman who is homeschooling her kids.  She has some cute patterns to give away and some fun with kids tutorials.  I want to make Steve a bat mobile for Halloween.

The other is by Lorraine Hearn.  I’m linking you to a ravelry page of a really wild boot she designed.  I can’t seem to get back to her blog to give you that URL.  Anyway, if you have seen the scarves made out of lace edging yarn like Universal’s Rozetti Marina that are everywhere, you will enjoy looking at what she has done with that yarn.  It’s very sculptural.

What else have I been doing instead of knitting or crocheting?  Well, we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary Saturday.

We are so artsy.  I love the books
Steve gave me.  I am interpreting them as his approval to pursue another hobby.  (No, I don’t really need his approval.  The man buys bicycles by the train load.)  The sculpture is my gift to him and it is clearly the second best gift I ever gave him.  He carried it around all day and talked about the metals and the methods.  Besides just loving how it looks, I love that it is local and I discovered it in a boutique on Lake Norman.  It had a scarf hanging on it.

The sculptor is named Wilson and he works for a Nascar team.  This is serious Nascar country here.  He takes discarded parts and creates sculpture with them.  Steve says the circles are brass syncronizing gears from a transmission.  I like the idea of syncronicity in this gift.

I, too, are working with gears.  I’m altering photos to create patterns that I might quilt.  I’m getting to know Photoshop better and enjoying myself.  This is a picture from a used bike store in Australia.  I cropped this from a picture of junked bikes and so far this is the design.No reason to let a lack of drawing  hamper your creativity.  Technology is so good to us.

The garden grows which is amazing–no green thumbs here.


And I am still working on preventing my wonderful fountain from rusting. 

Hundreds of coats of naval jelly and Rust-oleum Rust Reformer later, the base is black and may be coated enough that the water won’t turn orange.  Kate gave us this unique fountain and I just love it.  More car parts.

Oh, did I mention we are remodeling our kitchen?  For that I have Designer Sue who is wonderful.  All I have to do is make decisions.  I hate decisions.  They are so permanent.

It looks like a lot of stuff here, but it seems like lots of hours are missing.  I think I actually need to FINISH something and then I will feel better.

More later–

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