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Bedecked and Bedazzled-Jewelry

Sorry so long since I posted.  Computer issues which seem to be continuing.

I’m making jewelry.  I’m using the skills I have.  Bending and coiling wire are not among my skills. I am using knitting, crocheting and plain old needle and thread sewing.

I have made some necklaces . . .

And some bracelets . . .

And even some earrings . . . .Oops, I didn’t take a picture of them.

I have used beads, soft wire, pre made clasps, but, mostly, I have used yarn.  Thin yarn, thick yarn, stiff yarn, drapey yarn, ribbons novelties—if it bends, you can use it–

–even fabric.

Ravery is filled with ideas and I am stealing them as fast as I can.  Lots of free patterns.

I have learned some things.  I tried knitting with wire years ago when Nanci Wiseman’s book came out.  It hurt my hands, so I quickly gave it up.  Crocheting wire is totally different.  I think it is the hook that helps me to pull the wire through the stitch without undue struggle.  Anyway, it doesn’t hurt my hands at all.

Then I began to look at the patterns.  Most of the things I wanted to wear were crocheted.  Hm-m-m-m.  Yes, I began to get an idea.

Lots of knitters wish they had learned to crochet.  If you can crochet, you can edge knitting beautifully and easily.  You can also join or stabilize seams to eliminate sagging.  You can even alter the size of a sweater in just a few minutes.  Of course you can embellish surfaces, create button loops, heck, you can even create buttons.

Crochet is not hard.  What is hard is practicing the chain stitch until you have developed your own rhythm.  What do you do with miles of chain stitch?   Light Bulb!

What if I taught a beginning crochet class and the practice exercises all produced items of jewelry?  Brilliant!  (well, at least it is an interesting idea)

Along the way, I can teach how to string beads to add to crochet or knitting and how I cheat to avoid having to learn wire skills and jump rings that won’t close.

I am thinking three classes.  Class 1 would be learning to chain st and to add beads.  We would make a necklace.  Class 2 would introduce single crochet and how to add closures (findings in the bead world);  we’d make a bracelet.  Once you can single crochet, you can do it all.  The last class would be crocheting with wire and how to alter your knitting with your crochet hook.

Anyone interested?  Let me know.

More later.


6 Responses

  1. YES! but alas, I live out of state – far out of state. Can you teach an online class?:):)

  2. I would love to learn to make the colorful bracelet at the top left! And adding just a few beads to a project. I do know how to crochet as a beginner.

  3. I’m interested because the only thing I know about crocheting is that it requires a hook and yarn.

  4. I would be interested.

  5. Yes, I’d love to learn to make that wire and bead bracelet. I took a beginning crochet class, but am not at all interested in making dishcloths or flowers or the typical crochet items I’ve seen.

    I also like the idea of learning to manipulate wire for jewelry without hurting my hand!

  6. Thanks to all who are expressing interest. You inspire me to get to work. Think after Labor Day. It will be a lot of fun.

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