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Hello from the Colorado Knitting Camp

But don’t expect pictures.  Not even of the beautiful hailstorm last night that covered the lawn outside my window with golf ball size hail and made the water in the large pond splash upward about 2 feet with each strike.  I jumped up to get the camera and capture this for you.  I turned it on.  It said “No card.”  I left my flash card in my computer at home.  No place to easily get another, so I’ll just have to make do with some pics of what I’ve been doing before camp.
The House piece is about done.  I have quilted it and now have added some embellishments.  Remember this was first conceived as a retirement home on a hill with two porches–one for morning coffee and the other for evening drinks.  So much for dreaming.  Anyway, the inclusion of the spinning wheel ( a pin one of my children gifted me) immediately establishes that fiber stuff is happening here.  The hanging basket is just for decoration, but it may get some seed beads to hint at blooms.

Seriously important is Jake’s face in the window.  This is one of a pair of earrings I bought at a craft fair in Athens, Ga., some time ago.  They looked a bit like Jake to me.  The other one is somewhere in a dressing room in a Target in Brisbane, Australia.  Once you lose an earring, you are left with an embellishment.  It’s a rule of mine.  I don’t have a Bella charm, but if I find one, it will be added.

The “bugs” are beads I bought at The Sewing Bird many years ago.  I like them.  The are a bit fantastic, but this hanging is a fantasy.

I’m still wringing my hands over the border—or the non-border.  Haven’t decided.  I may just turn the edges under and whip them to the back.  Then I can change my mind if I get a better idea later.  Some famous Greek once said “Art is never finished.”  I’m keeping his philosophy alive.  Maybe I should get a T-shirt . . . .

I made paper flowers.  You just collect pretty paper; this stuff came from magazines.  Then you tear it into circles of varying sizes.  Start with some ugly pages until you get the hang of it.  Then you glue them together.   Then . . . . well, if you are interested, there is a free pdf file on the Interweave Press “Cloth, Paper, Scissors” magazine website.  It is named 4 Free Mixed Media Collage Techniques.  The fourth article is Painted Paper Collage by Serena Wilson Stubson.  She tells you exactly how to easily make these and what to do with them.

Here are closeups of my favorites:  This is the brightest one, but this silver and pink one is my favorite.

What am I going to do with them?  I don’t know why you ask.  You know I have no clue.  Maybe a picture; maybe to decorate a folder.  Hmmmm.

Oh, and I knit a new collar for Bella.  Note the pearls.  They are from an old necklace that belonged to Steve’s Mom.  It is already starting to stretch too much, so I may have to think of a different way to get pearls on her.  She is so ladylike that she deserves them.


2 Responses

  1. Jane – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little hidden embelishments on the quilt! Jake is so proud to be looking out the front door! And I love that Bella is so special that she gets to wear pearls! 🙂 Holly and Elsa are now wondering why I haven’t made them necklaces adorned with jewels! Uh oh….guess that will be added to my long list of “to-do” projects at some point….

  2. I miss you all… hail ? it was over 100 degrees onmy limo drive back to Denver last year… Say hello to everyone for me and enjoy some of my favorite yarn stores! I am working on a shawl… cast on 2011 sts for the border… down to 500 by row 9… it is a fun challange. much love, Linda

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