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The Noise in My Head

I’m not yet really comfortable with the new electronic readers.  I use my iPad mostly for surfing and gaming.  But last night after an attack of some kind of stomach flu, I found myself in bed with some time to surf books.  That, to me, is the coolest use of my reading apps.  I downloaded some samples and checked out some reading.I am an American Idol watcher and have been entertained by another 60+ year old wacky brain this season, so I checked out his new book.  The sample was illuminating.  It is written in the voice that is the noise in his head.  Yikes.  I recognized it right away.  It is very similar to what I put up with in my own and the term “noise in my head” rocked me.

One of my friends told me a student of hers informed her that he was ADSSHD–Attention Deficent–Something Shiny!–you know the rest.  Another great term.  Anyway, I jump around a lot inside this head and it results in some fun things and a bunch of unfinished.  However—after a certain amount of noise, productivity stops and guilt begins.  The answer is to stop and focus and prioritize.  It won’t last, but it helps.

I narrowed my blog reader list to 36 blogs.  Hey, that’s down from 80+.  A few are friends, a few are knitting, a few are art, and some quilting ones still remain.  If I read too many, I get too many ideas, start too many projects, accomplish little except Protestant guilt.

I finished the Cabin on a Hill hanging.  At least it is hangable and if, in the future, I think I want to bind it differently, I can.  (Will never happen.)  I do like the pins and beads I sewed on.

I made some earrings.

Red acylic-very lightweight

and some other things

Torn paper flowers

Crazy Lace Unblocked

Something for Knitcircus

and took Evan school shopping where we bought a Shawn White hat.

A cool first grader

Next–some knitting discoveries.


3 Responses

  1. I am totally diggin’ the hat.

  2. You are such a good mama!

    Sent from my iPad

  3. The wall hanging is just fantastic!! I love it. (And that hat is spiffy!)

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