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Some random knitting discoveries

Always take it slowly.  Try to master one thing at a time.  I preach it, but I don’t do it.

Knit 4 rows, remove 3

This is the beginning of Nancy Marchant’s Rembrandt Neckpiece.  The story—on the way home from camp I knit a one color brioche scarf.  Somehow I thought that made me an expert.  Next project was a FOUR color piece.  Only I hated having to deal with four balls, so I just changed it to a Two color piece.  Problems arose.  When on the pink side, was I knitting Row C or Row A?  I assumed it didn’t matter.  Wrong.  Wrong many times.  Thus arose the chance to use my new trick from a camp friend.

Really long circs in a tiny size

I’ve used my tiny dpns for repair tools forever.  I was so pleased to discover this idea.  Use really long circs in a tiny size to set a safety line.  Then when you pull out, you can just knit the piece off the safety line using the regular needle.  Threading the safety line doesn’t distort the stitch pattern because a US zero or 1 is so tiny.  Eureka!!!!  And this project has proven it works several times.

It's reversible

This pattern involves increases and decreases.  Brioche inc and dec is different — a new skill to learn.  But I chose a pattern with reversible inc and dec.  Why not just go whole hog as we Southerners say.  Remember that I never quite know which row I am on.  Also it matters if you misread “alternate RS rows” as “alternate rows.”  Struggles ahead.

Decrease lines

I don’t know about you, but I finally reached a point where I just said “Let it be.”  Generational thing.  Anyway, I have stopped trying to work a perfect piece and am satisfied to think I can knit a finished piece.  Most people don’t notice errors anyway.  I am focusing on the fact that I have at least mastered the decreases now that I am beginning them on the correct row.  New knitters struggle, so I am just learning empathy.

About the finished nature of this piece.  Either I have misplaced two skeins of yarn or I have run out.  I’m not sure which, but I am smiling.

Another use for tiny needles.  These are 000 ones.

I hate it when the glue doesn’t run freely.  Cut and paste is such a challenge for me anyway, but I can always count on my knitting box for a rescue.

More later–


One Response

  1. I love the colors of that project! Thank you for being so wonderful last week at the Wine Tasting!

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