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FOs and Fun Things

Trying to make the perfect gift

Twice now, I have tried to blog only to have the entire text eaten by an Ethernet monster when I tried to preview the thing.  This time I am writing it in Word and will cut and paste.  I am so mad.

My brioche journey has been fun and filled with problems.  I love to solve problems.  Don’t try this path at home, kids.

The first scarf I made for Erica is fine, but not amazing.  I wanted to give an amazing birthday gift.  So I took on the
Rembrandt Neckpiece—too much, way too soon.

Many errors later I had learned huge amounts.

wonky st will be fixed

When I went to Nancy’s website to get patterns of the free berets, I was so ready to make them.  This one knit beautifully.  It was clear and easy and fun. 

The pattern is great, the class I took was better, but don’t undervalue the struggle I had with the Rembrandt.  A lot of “a-ha’s” occurred there.

I’ve started a second one, another gift, but I will want one for myself.  I’m thinking to teach this beret as a class.  Nancy has given me permission.

I also have the Hosta scarf on my list.  Trying to figure out a color other than green
for it.

Meanwhile, back at the yarnhouse—-

The kitchen renovation should start soon.  It has inspired me to declutter a good bit.  One new tool for beating clutter is
the website Houzz.com.  This is a home dec site that is mainly photos.  It’s a way to get ideas and inspiration without paper.
(Hoarding paper is a big weakness of mine.)

Check it out.  You can “clip” the photos and file them any way you want.  Once a week they send an email with new
portfolios of pics.  It really helped us make some decisions about the kitchen; one of this week’s portfolios is about
hanging utensils on racks.

Meet my new Fantasy Football Logo.

Amazon Warriors

I’ve joined a league here in Charlotte.  It will require graduate school level research to do this, but what the heck. Learning is learning.   There are nine guys and me.  So I thought I had to have a woman-oriented team name, and I wanted something intimidating.  Team Estrogen just didn’t do that.  I’m counting on being underestimated and then scoring big due to my superb study skills.
Worst case scenario—I will have to travel to various sports bars to watch my assigned games each week and drink lots of beer.  I always knit in sports bars; it’s fun to watch the guys try not to stare.

Just sent something off to Knitcircus for the Gift/Holiday issue this fall.  Now I have to rewrite the pattern to their editorial standards.  It’s just typing, but I put it off as long as I can.  Knitting is much more fun.

It’s only supposed to be 93 today with decent humidity.  I might go outside.  Maybe.

More later–


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