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New Brioche, New Jewelry

So, spent the weekend at an adorable cottage at Richard B. Russell State Park in Elberton, Georgia.  Beautiful lake and woods; lovely townspeople.  I did take the camera; I did not take any pictures.  Idiot!

Silver and squares

Erica and I made earrings.  We strung beads and later I did the wire work.  I’m getting better at it.  Not really good yet, but growing.  Zachary joined us and made earrings for his new teacher and last year’s teacher and for me.

Designed for Nana by Zachary

Don’t think he loved it; think he was just bored.  There was a nice flat screen TV, but only three channels that you could actually see.  Enough to drive a 9 year old to beads.

I gave Erica the three brioche pieces for her birthday.  She wore the beret all Saturday night in the cottage.  Must have liked it.  I also finished one for dear friend Kate in Boston. This one is Nancy Marchant’s Windmill.

Windmill Beret, Marchant

I really like making these things.

Braided cast off

Kate’s is made with Abuelita Merino Worsted Multi  and Brown Sheep Prairie Silk which is a discontinued yarn.  The Abuelita I brought back from Australia; it has to be the same yarn that Malabrigo uses.  It is that soft and buttery.  I also have a hank of the lace weight which feels just like Malabrigo lace.   In case you don’t know, most brands of yarn do not create their own base yarns.  They buy them and have them dyed to their own design.  So you may find the same yarn distributed by several yarn labels in varying colors.

Erica's Tree Beret

The yarn I used in Erica’s beret was Malabrigo, but the pink was Lanaloft from Brown Sheep.  This is a single ply just like Lamb’s Pride, but without the 15% mohair.  It knit just like Malabrigo and I like the colors so will be getting more of it.  Many folks like the colors of Lamb’s Pride but don’t want the mohair.  Try the Lanaloft; it’s great and 100% American.

Also made some more jewelry today.

I tried to do a bit of wire wrapping of some beads.

Chinese beads

And I put together a bracelet for Erica.  She loves the blue and white Delft porcelain, so this seemed a good idea.

Now I need to get to work on a plain white cotton/linen tank for Katherine.  Her sister started and knit most of it, but the neckline was confusing her.  I agreed to finish it and haven’t knit on it since early June.  Katherine comes to dinner Thurs and it better be ready or else.  She is a public school counselor and can be scary.

Then I’m going to make me a beret.  And the Hosta scarf.

More later–

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  1. I adore the jewellery!

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