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Draft–and I don’t mean beer.

Well, there was beer, but thank goodness, no cigars.  The guys in my new Fantasy Football league were very nice to me.  They were a little tougher as the night progressed which I take to mean I was holding my own.

I made some great picks, even  sneaked in and got the Steeler defense.  Ray was crushed.  I only got one Falcon, so DGS#1 Zachary will be disappointed.  I’m sure he’ll continue to advise though.

For those of you who watch football, and I know some of you do—-

Amazon Warriors

The Amazon Warriors 2011 from the Draft

Bye Player Team Round
WR1 6 Larry Fitzgerald ARI 1
QB1 6 Phillip Rivers SD 2
RB1 5 Steven Jackson STL 3
WR2 5 Miles Austin DAL 4
RB2 8 LeGarrett Blount TB 5
TE1 7 Vernon Davis SF 6
RB3 9 Rashad Jennings JAC 7
DEF1 11 Steelers PIT 8
WR3 11 Austin Collie IND 9
WR4 11 Robert Meacham NO 10
RB4 11 Pierre Thomas NO 11
QB2 5 Sam Bradford STL 12
K1 5 Billy Cundiff BAL 13
TE2 5 Ben Watson CLE 14
DEF2 5 Cowboys DAL 15
WR5 8 Harry Douglas ATL 16
K2 6 Matt Prater DEN 17

Not too shabby.

The first two picks are elites, and I went for Rivers because all the QBs ranked above him were gone by my first pick. I got a great Tight End in Vernon Davis and stunned the table by sneaking the Steelers in the 8th round. My draft position was 9th of 10 and we alternate 1-10, 10-1, so it was a long time between each pair of players. My Running Backs aren’t as strong as I would like so I need my Steelers.

I have Sam Bradford as my second string QB which is awesome. I took Harry Douglas at WR because Zachary would not be happy if I didn’t have at least one Falcon and the better known guys were picked before I could get them. Same for Knowshon Moreno and AJ Greene who were on my list.

I don’t know one kicker from another, but had seen some good hype on Billy Cundiff. Matt Prater was my last pick and I picked him solely on his good name.

It was really fun to compete with these guys. I had studied very hard and felt I wasn’t totally outclassed. Now to play the season and have a bit of fun. You know, I love to knit to the sound of the snap.

Next blog–Altering Katherine’s tank top–Genius or Idiocy????

More later–


One Response

  1. I find all this utterly bizarre, but I’m just glad that Nana is taking some pressure off of me to participate in the whole fantasy thing.

    Best of luck to Team Amazon.

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