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TKGA was a blast!

I took Prudence Mapstone’s Freeform Organic Shawl class.  We started with some leaves we had knit or crocheted for homework. 
This is what I started with. Don’t gag. I learned a lot in this class, especially about color. This will get better.

Here are some gems from my class notes:
1. Use colors close in tone when embellishing. Don’t add a light to a dark.
(Aside–Prudence occasionally said that doing things would make your stitches “messy.” It took a while before I realized this was her gentile way of saying “ugly” or “tacky.” She’s so nice.)

2. Unify with a motif that is knit in larger sizes, in yarns of different textures, shades, etc. We were doing leaves.
click to enlarge.

3. You can use crab stitch as a surface embellishment if you fold the piece.

4. Don’t fence in a piece with one yarn or edge. Allow for different stretches.

5. Binding knit or crochet to a firm foundation works against the basic nature of the knit/crochet art.
(Aside—Not going to line the crazy quilt afghan I made.)

6. When making bullions, wind the yarn in the direction of the twist of the yarn. Makes a big difference. Pure Pima from Berroco makes great bullions.

Prudence’s class is as freeform as her knitting. She plans the basic structure and then asks if there is anything else we want to learn. I went to learn how to join motifs with mesh or lace like fabrics. It was easy. I hadn’t thought it through. I did learn that—and so much more.

Rethinking the color thing meant I had to go to market and buy yarn. Darn. There was a man from California selling cottons, rayons, and some silks for dirt cheap. I bought. Will share some of it later.

Friday night Remi and Sandy had an event for people to play The Last Knitter Standing, the new game they are marketing. We had about 70 people come and they had a ball. The game is so much fun. Knit ‘n Style magazine is featuring it as the number one gift to give a knitter at holiday time. Check it out on the Charlotte Yarn website.

Beth, Patsy and I shared a room and enjoyed each other’s company immensely. Lots of laughter. We bought out a Food Lion and picnicked in the room for most of our meals, including some good beer and wine.

The market at TKGA is not large, but it kept me entertained through several walk throughs. Some lovely yarns and some other fun things. One guy from Georgia makes jewelry out of metal knitting needles. Some he bends; others he cuts into beads or charms. This isn’t as big an event as Stitches and I think that is why I like it better. I don’t get overwhelmed and I feel like I can really see the new things.

I sat next to great people. One turned out to be a ravelry friend. Lisa lives in Durham and does some lovely freeform work.


She had a new purse with her that I coveted. She made her motifs and scrumbles and then sewed them to a commercial bag.

(She got the bag on sale and says it was really ugly.)
She has a thing for blue and purple—–and what’s strange about that?

More later–


One Response

  1. Hi Jane – We did have a good time – let’s do it again. I enjoyed the smaller size too and also the inclusion of/emphasis on the crocheters. Good show all around.

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