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I won!

Amazon Warriors

Okay, it’s not the lottery, but I won my first Fantasy Football match.  Cam Newton came through for me.  Yeah.  And I’m not really a Panthers fan.  May have to change that.

Quick (no pun intended)  trip to Athens this weekend to see Zach play soccer.  We created a college fantasy league for our family and the 9 year old is the commissioner.  He ran the draft last night with an iron hand.  This should be fun.  He is the only one that follows college ball and his dad just picks Duke for everything.  His mom has the best team name; she’s a nutrition nut and called her team The Carbohydrates.  We are a weird bunch.

Paul was in Chile recently to consult for a University there.  He almost didn’t come home because it was so great.  A similar reaction to the one I had in Australia.  He brought me gifts—his mother in law.  What a sweetie.

Chilean pin -- local artisan

Made from a 100 peso coinBack Detail

Back Detail

Copper and knit earrings from local artisan

and these–prepare to copy these.  They are over 2 inches long, so don’t work with my stubby neck, however, they are destined to be a killer necklace.  This technique should be easy and looks cooler than any of the things I have tried before.

Paul is very ecology-conscience, so he also brought me the bag the earrings were sold in.

Looks like a flyer for some event.  I just recently read about using a scoring tool and some white glue to make envelopes out of pretty magazine pages.  Then you place a white sticky label on the front for the address.  Just prettying up the mail a la Martha.

Knitting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Tomorrow is the release of the Knitcircus Gifts issue.  I have a shawl in it that I truly love.  Simple, but fits.  Here’s a teaser:

More Tomorrow—–

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  1. What do you mean you’re not really a Panthers fan?????????????

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