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So you lost weight . . .

“It’s just fabric.  You can do anything to it you can do to any fabric. Ya-da-ya-da-ya-da.”

I say that all the time to my knit students.  It’s time to put up or shut up.

I have two pieces that I love to wear which are way too big.  I lost some weight, and they are made of cotton which will widen with laundering.  The armscye is too long or wide or big and therefore the extra must come from there.  Almost 8 inches extra.  Serious alteration.

Seam basted

Here’s what I am doing.  Starting with the second favorite, just in case.

First seam

First, I sewed the new seam line on the machine using a slightly shorter stitch length than for woven fabric.

Then I discovered that I had pinned it incorrectly (Nothing is ever easy with me), so I spent one “The Mentalist” on DVD taking that seam out.

First seam, second try

I resewed.  Better.

The scary part

Taking a deep breath, I cut the seam apart.

Lacy seam binding to stop unraveling, I hope.

Then I zigzagged the lace seam binding on (We Southerners like unnecessary prepositions.) near the seam line.  Just your basic Wright’s from Hancocks.  Being a devoted hand sewer, I basted the fabric to the lace along its center.  Probably not necessary, but Hey.

Finished binding

Finally I trimmed the seam and hand whipped it to the fabric.

It drapes fine.

Then I put it on the dress form to check how it hung.  I like it.  It gives the soft cotton some support along the seam line so that it hangs better than ever, yet doesn’t “constrain the knitted-ness” of the fabric.  (Quoting Prudence Mapstone)

Now to do the other side, wear it, and launder it.  If disaster occurs, I will report.

More later–


6 Responses

  1. where do you buy lacey seam binder

  2. You are really putting your money where your mouth is! Good for you. I’m impressed!

  3. Hi Jane

    Great job on resizing. There is a bias cut binding that comes in nude and black that would be another alternative because it gives like a knit. I use it often for finishing seams and as an alternative for facings (OK sewing stuff) that need a little give.

    Glad you are resizing to reflect the new you!


  4. you arw a whiz!!!

  5. I knew you would improve this process. Do you have a link to who sells it?

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Hi jane,

    Followup to my earlier post. It is a semi-sheer bias binding that comes in 2 widths -1/2 or 3/4″ and then about 1-2″. usually find it in a pre-packaged roll in the section with notions. Hancock Fabrics, Jo Anne’s Fabrics, Mary Jo’s are some places that should have it. Online I like thesewingplace.com

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