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Catching up . . .

I have only been knitting on a new pattern  for Knitcircus magazine about which I can’t talk, so I just haven’t had much knit related things to say.  So I have been quiet.  Stop laughing, I mean it.

Speaking of Knitcircus, the winter issue is up and is lovely.  Click on the button in the sidebar and check it out.  My own shawl in the Gift Issue did really well.  Lots of hits on Ravelry.  They even sponsored a small knitalong of it which was fun for me.

The kitchen is essentially finished.  There are a few touch ups and I have to figure out what to do with the walls, but Steve is cooking again and in a much better mood.  Here are a couple of photos of our very sunny room.

This shows the two counters–left is polished slate tile, right is Corian with the seamless sink and the hole we had cut for garbage.

These are the only upper cabinets.

 The lights are onyx.  I didn’t know onyx came in anything but black.  Learn every day.

My photography as always is mediocre, but we love the room.  Knocking out a wall was the best thing we’ve ever done to our home.  If you are in the area and need a carpenter, a designer, a tile guy or an electrician, let me know.  My team was amazing——and clever——and reasonable.

I finally took some pics of the vest I altered (took out 8 inches) and of the jacket I did the same to.  Haven’t decided what to do with the jacket sleeves yet, but I don’t have time to knit them so I don’t have to decide.  I am pleased with the fit.


 This is the first piece where I embroidered something near the neck so you would look at that instead of my ****.  Hope it works.

More later–


4 Responses

  1. If the neck thing works at diverting the eyes, I SO need that pattern. Very pretty!

  2. Love the kitchen! And the embroidery works…

  3. Jane love the kitchen!! you are a wonder whiz…
    are you teaching at the Fiber Frolic?

  4. The kitchen looks great, Jane, as do your alterations!

    BTW, your Shapely shawl in KnitCircus is lovely — another great pattern and ideas from you!

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